Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! Also, why Reddit is a horrible website

Definitely one of the most creative and wild and aesthetically amazing MCU films so far, Sam Raimi absolutely nailed it there. AND NOW THE SPOILERS! And also complaining about spoilers! So look away now!

Well I was spoiled for the identity of one of the Illuminati. While scrolling through Reddit a few days ago this popped up on my dash:

I am not subscribed to anything called MarvelStudiosSpoilers! WHY WAS THAT THERE?! Oh man I was so mad. I asked in the reddit help forum if there was a way to turn off the “We will scream big spoilers for movies that aren’t out yet directly into your face” option and immediately got downvoted. Don’t use reddit, kids, it’s a cesspit.

But I WASN’T spoiled for the identities of the rest of the Illuminati! Hooray! So I got a nice “holy shit they actually did it?!” moment when John Krasinski showed up as Reed Richards. I always thought that was a rumor on the same level as “Tom Cruise will play a variant Iron Man in something” which did not in fact happen. I wonder if Krasinski will be Reed in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie then, or if they’re gonna get somebody else cos variants and all.

I also had no idea the extent to which America Chavez would be used in this movie! But she was pretty much the female lead! You go, Xochitl Gomez/Dawn from The Babysitter’s Club, I hope America shows up again, loads of potential for her character there.

They mentioned Strange’s dead sister! I can’t remember if they mentioned her in the first movie, I’m sure they didn’t right? But that’s one of the details of comics Strange I always remembered. And oh yeah speaking of that one scene HOW COOL WAS THE MUSIC FIGHT? That’s the sort of thing I wished they’d done for the Wandavision finale.

I suspect diehard Wanda fans won’t like this movie. Sorry guys. You can sort of handwave some of her actions away because of the Darkhold though I guess. Also, she may have a tiny point with her comment in the beginning about Strange doing the same things she does but getting hailed as a hero instead. Wanda mind-controlled a whole town in Wandavision and everyone (rightly) thought that was horrifying, in this movie Strange mind-controls a guy into slapping himself for hours if not weeks and it’s supposed to be funny. I know the slappee is Bruce Campbell in this case and it’s a Raimi meta-joke but daaamn.