just when i thought that they had come to the consensus that ace = the lack of sexual attraction

what the fuck do words even mean anymore

This is everything about my reaction to the concept of asexuals. I’m like ok. I guess that could be a thing. Then tumblr does this with it. You can be asexual if you’re a bisexual horny kinky porn addicted sex monster who masturbates any time you’re not fucking.

Sure whatever. Why do concepts need to mean anything. Just hand out labels like candy. I’m asexual. We’re all trans neurodivergent asexual. Whatever the fuck.

So I can, right now, just claim to be a transgender asexual person because sometimes I don’t have sex and I don’t fit every single stereotype for a man?

According to Tumblr, yes.

That’s goddamn ridiculous

The image is from a troll post, as indicated in the notes (if the “and still oppressed” didn’t tip anyone off).

So many people apparently reblogged this uncritically because “lol those crazy asexuals/tumblr users/special snowflakes!”,without even considering the huge amount of damage insidious little phrases like “so I can just claim to be a transgender person-” have done. But I guess you gotta believe the little lies before you can believe the big ones.

Virginia lawmaker proposes a ‘bathroom bill’ to restrict public bathroom use by transgender people

Virginia lawmaker proposes a ‘bathroom bill’ to restrict public bathroom use by transgender people



#BathroomBill • “It requires school principals to notify all parents if a student at their children’s school asks to be treated as a member of the opposite sex — whether by being allowed to use a different bathroom or being addressed by a different name or pronoun.”

#EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia #LGBTI #Community #gay #gender #identity #HB2 #Virginia #NorthCarolina

I highly recommend everyone who cares about this to follow ACLU Attorney Chase Strangio on twitter. He will keep you updated about the latest.

Texas and Kentucky also filed bathroom bills yesterday.






There aren’t jokes that can help, they all turn to bitterness in my brain. At some point the idea of crashing the Canadian immigration page might have been amusing. Now it’s a symptom of panic.

People aren’t just dissatisfied or bitter, they aren’t sore losers. People are genuinely scared for their lives.

There is nothing funny about that.

I disagree, filthy degenerates like sandniggers or trannies running for their lives is hilarious. It’s something me and my people from 8chan’s /cow/ have been waiting ages for. It’s time to make some nooses. 

Protip, if you want to survive the New Reich, it’s very simple:

If you are an Allah worshipping sandpig, get out. 

If you are a lazy uneducated and illegal mexican, get out and come back with a green card.

If you’re feminist, stop being fragile and lose some weight, you porker.

If you’re black, stop looting and raping people. 

If you’re a tranny, check into a mental institution.

It’s time you had a reality check.

Trump supporters keeping it classy.

I want every Trump supporter  to see who you threw in with.

Reblogging this and then reporting that person.





Watch: Viral clip shows a woman in genderless clothing being ejected from a ladies’ bathroom by the police.

I saw this tagged as transphobia and while the laws and atmosphere that surrounds this is very much grounded in transphobia, I think it’s worth mentioning that that’s a cis woman.

So you know.

Fucking thanks, TERFs. Aren’t you glad bathroom laws trying to prevent “men” from entering the ladies room has caused two male police officers to eject cis women from the bathroom already? Since that’s the only women you care about maybe you might actually spend longer than .5 seconds thinking about possible fucking reprocussions of this shit now.

Oh my goooooddddd this shit is ridiculous. Like, this law has always been complete and utter transphobic bullshit, but here’s the god damn proof it will never work the way these idiots want it to. You cannot determine someone’s gender by the clothes they wear. Fuck, I get misgendered and called a man all the time. Do I need to bring my I.D. next time I take a shit? I am so tired of this garbage. Let people use the damn bathroom they want to.

That’s what it ultimately comes down to, you need ID to use the restroom now, regardless if you are cis or trans.



Tonight Germaine Greer appeared on Newsnight to address the campaign myself, other trans people and allies have been heading to get her un-invited from speeaking at a public event hosted by Cardiff University because of her continued transmisogyny.

Of course, she made things easier for us when it came to finding evidence of her transphobia by being pretty clear about it during the show.

She also threw in some hateful comments about Caitlyn Jenner and intersex people for good measure.

Here is the petition to get her no-platformed.