Thor: The Dark World


Okay so right at the beginning Jane is on a date with someone and you can only see his eyebrows, and me and my boyfriend were like “is that…?” AND IT WAS IT WAS CHRIS O’DOWD I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HE WAS GONNA BE IN IT and apparently I can recognise him just from his eyebrows

Also on the subject of unexpected cameos: Captain America turns up and Chris Evans is obviously having so much fun that I’m JUST DONE OKAY

The actual story
Okay the plot is reasonably thin and easily resolved but (as in most comic book movies) the CHARACTERS are the standout and everyone in this film is SUCH A GOOD CHARACTER. It’s kinda Loki’s movie really though? Lemme tell you what happened there-

-Frigga makes sure Loki’s life is spared after the events of Avengers

-She visits him in his cell although actually that might have been Loki just creating an illusion of her?? It’s very sad either way

-(I wish she’d had more screentime in Thor 1)

-She does some very badass fighting and then dies, which kinda sucks, but it is a pretty good death/funeral scene

-Loki is told of her death by a prison guard and then just stands up and makes the lights flicker with RAGGGE

-Anyway, Thor and Loki go to the titular Dark World to do plot things, and there’s a BIG DRAMATIC PLOT TWIST where Loki stabs Thor and is all, “Ha you really trusted me nope nope nope I don’t care about Frigga or you or anyone MWAHAHA’ but this all turned out to be a clever illusion, which is good, because frankly Loki is a lot more interesting if he does still have a flicker of goodness/love for other people. And luckily the script agreed

-…and then he gets stabbed SAVING THOR. Which is exactly what I thought would happen, hooray for being right! Sort of. And he manages to apologise before he dies! Awwwwww. Except-

-he’s not dead! There’s a very short scene of someone flickering illusion-style before telling Odin that Loki’s body has been found, and then at the end Thor has a conversation with Odin that ends with Odin saying something along the lines of ‘yeah nice one Thor I’m proud of you’ and Thor says thank you and walks away and then Odin WAS LOKI ALL ALONG! and he says ‘no, thank you‘ in a sort of half sincere and half mocking way and then roll credits.

I DO HONESTLY WISH THEY’D KEPT HIM DEAD THOUGH? Especially since a) poor Frigga stays dead b) it’s never actually explained how Loki’s not dead and c) it just sort of makes a better story for him to be Actually Dead? But I suppose Loki is so popular that they’re afraid to kill him off, perhaps? Well, there are much worse ways they could have done it, anyway.

The ladies

No seriously! They do! And they have this really sweet sisterly relationship going on too. (Fun fact: the first time I saw the original Thor I actually thought Darcy was supposed to be Jane’s sister.)

Sif doesn’t get much to do, but they did thank god not go the love triangle route between her, Jane and Thor, hooray

Everything else
Stellan Skarsgard steals literally every scene he’s in, and his little mini storyline (him dealing with Loki having been in his head) was one of my favourite threads in the whole film. And Stan Lee shows up in a scene with him! I’d forgotten to look out for him but there he was.

Christopher Eccleston was perfectly fine, I was surprised at how Christopher Ecclestony he still looked under all that make-up.

There is an erotically-shot scene of Thor shirtless FOR NO REASON that I v. much appreciated, hooray for the female gaze

Is it not out in America yet??? Have we actually had two films this year before America???? What’s going on but SEE IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN

Iron Man 3

I’m not complaining but I’m REALLY SURPRISED we got this before America did? Because the plot is very twisty and with the internet the way it is I’ll be amazed if anyone lasts til the American release date without accidentally being spoiled and basically this just adds to my theory that movie companies have absolutely no idea about social media at all.

Anyway. I liked this better than both 1 and 2! And they were both excellent so yes, this is a Really Good Movie in my opinion. There’s a couple of minor twists along the way and then you hit the big one, and I spent all that scene giggling in my head, partly because it’s sort of played for laughs and partly because I wasn’t expecting it and it sort of changed everything the film was selling itself as.

…Wait, I warned for big huge colossal spoilers. Basically! The guy we thought was the Mandarin isn’t, he’s an actor hired by Guy Pierce’s character to be a face of terror for people to rally against. Also he’s hilarious and I really, really wish we’d seen more of him. Guy Pierce is the real baddie (also he breathes fire and stuff) AND PEPPER TAKES HIM OUT WHILE TONY JUST WATCHES, which is kinda awesome.

This is a good movie for Pepper actually, she passes the Bechdel test with Rebecca Hall’s character (who was really interesting and somewhat wasted I think) and she gets to wear the Iron Man armour and do lots of stuff. And she’s alive and well at the end, so A+ on that, folks.

What else? The Avengers get mentioned and there is a cameo from one of them after the credits but I won’t say who. (You can probably guess, actually.) There’s a lot of EPIC ACTION, and a cute little kid, and lots of cool stuff involving the Iron Patriot/Rhodey, and things blowing up and PEOPLE blowing up (which is horrible and I wasn’t too fond of those bits, but eh) and Tony being perfectly Tony and generally, yes, very good movie.