age of ultron

More boss things in Age of Ultron


Dr. Helen Cho

Dr. Helen “looking at Tony Stark’s interface like have I gone back to the stone age?” Cho

Dr. Helen “only came to your lame party for science and a gander at the extraterrestrial demi-god booty” Cho

Dr. Helen “mind with infinite access to the net, information, and tech needs me alive because I am still the only one who can operate this machine” Cho

Dr. Helen “completed AoU’s Pinocchio allusion by having the ‘life’ granting powers of the Blue Fairy and rocking those sleek blue scrubs” Cho

Dr. Helen “responsible for the creation of Vision” Cho

Dr. Helen “clearly set up to bring back Quicksilver” Cho

Dr. Helen “honestly whoever picks up the storyline after Joss, if she stays dead Imma be so mad” Cho

It’s okay, she’s not dead! She was walking with Maria at the end.



No but this scene is extremely important and it’s why I’m angry at people who say that Steve’s characterization sucked.

Steve is the only one who understands where these two kids come from. Hill is trying to distant Steve from them because right after he says this line she says: ‘’We’re not at war anymore.’’. She’s trying to prove that Steve did the right thing because when the country is at war we all make some hard choices that we are not proud of. In war everything is permitted, and Steve did the right thing because he was doing it for the right cause. Hill is basically saying ‘You did it to protect your country and to save people and to make a difference, but these kids have no excuse for volunteering to these scientists.’

But how does Steve reply to that? To her ‘’We’re not at war anymore’’?

He says ‘’They are.’’

And it is SO important because Steve sees the big picture. For most Americans the war is something ugly that their grandparents had to deal with, something in the distant past that left mark but is also way behind them. But just because there wasn’t a war in America for over 70 years doesn’t mean that other countries have been so lucky. And Steve GETS IT. It doesn’t mean that he’s not mad. It doesn’t mean that he will not fight them if they’re on the opposing sides. But he knows where they come from. And he won’t let them be reduced to some monsters who let German scientists experiment on them.

Because if Steve was anything but American during WW2, if he wasn’t on the ‘winning team’, he wouldn’t be labeled as hero.

I had a lot of criticisms of the movie but I will say this: This bit was SPOT ON for Steve. He’s always big on compassion and putting himself in other people’s shoes and in many depictions has a very complex and nuanced view of the world (such as understanding that blind jingoism /= real patriotism and that a real American patriot would question their country when it goes against it’s better values). ult! Steve was kinda a blindly nationalistic jackass but this is very IC for a Steve based more on 616 Steve.