pietro maximoff

Wandavision episode 5

Ah, TFW that Disney+ show no-one thought would have too much of an impact ends up uh REWRITING THE ENTIRE MCU? This is the biggest thing Marvel’s done in ages. Massive MASSIVE spoilers from this point on:

The X-Men are now officially a Disney property and Evan Peters’ Quicksilver is here! The universes have officially merged! I feel slightly taken in, but in a good way. I was expecting the MCU Quicksilver right up til the last moment.

I remember during the last or second-last round of Marvel news Kevin Feige or whoever said they’re not making a X-Men movie for a while, but I guess the key word there was movie because hey! Now we have a whole X-Men TV show that they snuck in under our noses, damn.

This raises so many questions, is Magneto “canonically” Wanda’s father now? Man does that open up a can of worms.

But I noticed they actually mentioned and named “our” Wanda and Pietro’s parents for the first time ever in this episode. They gave the father’s name as Oleg, and the mother’s as Irina. Neither name is associated with Wanda’s (now apparently very convoluted) family in the comics I think? “Irina” means “peace” and “Oleg” means “holy” which I think is interesting…

…Might just add to the idea that something outright demonic is going on I guess? It’s a very popular theory that Mephisto might show up. Maybe the dickish SWORD director is really him? Or he has some important role to play at least. You know what, I’m gonna bet his first name is “Ralph.”

Non-multiverse-related stuff I noticed in this episode:

I love the trio of Woo-Darcy-Monica, I hope they become friends. I bet Monica starts manifesting superpowers before too long. Also she sounds mad at Captain Marvel I can’t help but notice. Did she promise to be there for Monica after Maria’s death and then never show up?

Monica also mentions contacting “an aerospace engineer” in this, folks seem to think it might be Reed Richards? If they cast him already and kept it quiet I’ll be dead impressed.

Wanda’s accent is back! My gosh she ran the credits to get out of an argument, ahahah. The scene between her and Vision was legit quite frightening for all the implications it has. She claims to love him but she might well have taken away all his agency and consent just to get the family she dreamed of. Man, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are absolutely killing it in this, I love how they can effortlessly switch from comedic scenes to horrifying ones at the drop of a hat.

Back to the multiverse: Please don’t mess this up, Disney. Don’t start rewriting the stuff that didn’t happen under your jurisdiction just cos now you have the rights to it okay? I trust you for now but only for now, I mean… you’re Disney. If frickin’ Tobey Maguire shows up next episode god only knows what I’ll do.