hermione granger




Just imagine though all the letters that must have been sent home about the shit Hermione did at school or updates the school sends to muggle parents so they’re kept in the know. And she’s never been in trouble before so her parents think this is just regular wizarding school hijinks because it obviously never has context for them and Hermione just rolls with it

“She saved the philosophers stone.”
“Oh good for her! She must have gotten there before everyone else in class”

“People must get petrified all the time. It says not to worry though so it can’t be a serious illness”

“It says they’re obliged to inform us that ‘dementors’ will be at the school all year.”
“That sounds exciting, I wonder what subject they’ll be teaching?”

“She’s been selected to participate in the second triwizard tournament task.”
“Yes we had a letter about the tournament, she must really be getting stuck in with it and making all sorts of foreign connections.”

“Says she was part of a secret defence club?”
“Oh I’m so glad she’s finally getting involved in the clubs, it’ll be good for her, you know she studies too much”

“I wonder why we didn’t get any updates from the school this year? They always seem to have something going on.”

“I’ve been thinking you know, about moving to Australia. We did always want to.”
“I don’t know what’s been stopping us all these years to be honest. Let’s do it.”

You lured me in and then stabbed me in the back

And big ole FUCK YOU to you OP