this is so good

(oobiwan here) your art gives me life IT IS SO GREATTTTT also for that question game obi wan and qui gon ;) have a beautiful day


Well, first of all, thank you!!!  Your edits are freaking gorgeous, too; I appreciate everything you make so much.

And yesssssss THANK YOU also for being the one to put Qui-Gon in my inbox! aha honestly if no one had put him in I think I would have had to do him anyway, because I love him so much. X)  And I almost never see any writing about him, so it’s about time I tried to compensate for that, I guess.

Disclaimer before I get started: this post is the definition of TL;DR. It somehow turned into three days and 2 billion pages of meta about Qui-Gon Jinn, which, well, I’m not really sure how that happened, but hey, I had a ton of fun writing it because I love this character to bits,and that’s all that really matters. I fully expect it to disappear quietly into the mists of my blog because honestly NOBODY HAS TIME TO READ THIS MESS  X) so just – spare yourselves and get out now, okay? 

Or get in, I guess.  If 2 billion pages of meta about Qui-Gon Jinn is your thing. <3

(All quotes used are from various Jedi Apprentice books or Legacy of the Jedi – hit me up if you want the specific book numbers!) 

OKAY.  Under the cut to spare your dashes, HERE WE GO:

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