Malory Towers

The other week I was looking for some TV to watch and I stumbled across something listed as “Malory Towers Christmas Special.”

Wait, Malory Towers?? I thought. That’s an Enid Blyton series I read when I was a kid! Before I knew how shitty and racist Blyton was!

I had a look and I was delighted to discover that this series is NOT any of those things! It’s very inclusive, very sweet, presents the characters as if they were actual girls in the actual world instead of Blyton’s ridiculous make-believe one (there’s a whole episode about periods! God, Enid would probably have fainted at the thought) and very well-acted by all the young cast. You can tell that CBBC deliberately sought to make as many people as possible feel included and I love it.

All in all, a very wholesome middle finger.

Welcome to Doctor Who, Millie Gibson!

“Ruby Sunday” is a fabulous name for a companion. I have literally never seen Millie Gibson in anything before so I look forward to seeing what she can do. So far she’s giving me Rose Tyler crossed with Clara Oswald vibes.

I saw her announcement live on Children In Need, a fundraiser I haven’t actually watched in years (though I do put money in the buckets when I see them. I saw one today accompanied by a Mr Bean impersonator, so apparently that’s a job.) It’s so emblematic of this broken country. I just feel like, surely the BBC can cut out the middleman and give money directly to the families involved rather than paying out for a studio, a crew, and the celebrities? You know? Mel Giedroyc just began a sentence with “due to the cost of living crisis…” and I so badly wanted her to finish it with, “we’ve strapped a rocket launcher to Pudsey and are heading for 10 Downing Street.”

Backing up the BBC

Well, if you’re British you heard about the BBC privatization news yesterday. It is of course a distraction from Boris’s various outrages, but well, there you go. I know it’s been a right-wing mouthpiece for years now, but plenty of My Stuff is there (Doctor Who, Call the Midwife, Noughts & Crosses etc) and I want it back.

So I guess I figure, in the spirit of this blog… That if you have the ability to back up anything on the BBC that is/was helpful or useful, now might be a good time to do it. Download shows and websites and get them on a hard drive, because, you know, the BBC itself is famously bad at that.

Honestly… I’m also furious on behalf of the disabled children who watch CBeebies, which is incredibly diverse and inclusive. I don’t expect it will be spared from any chopping block that’s coming because we know how the Tories treat disabled children already.

Trans Activism UK – The BBC Quietly Removing Lily Cade Isn’t Enough —

Today, November 4th 2021, ten days after the initial publication by the BBC of ‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’, the BBC has issued a small and vague change to their article without any fanfare. While the BBC have removed the quotes and statements by Lily Cade from the article, they did […]

Trans Activism UK – The BBC Quietly Removing Lily Cade Isn’t Enough —

Open letter signed by 16,000 calls for BBC apology over trans article — BBC News – Home

The letter, which takes issue with a BBC News online story, is signed by more than 16,000 people.

Open letter signed by 16,000 calls for BBC apology over trans article — BBC News – Home

They’ve gotten this far and still, unsurprisingly, neglected to mention that one of their sources for this article was a self-confessed (cis, female) rapist.

I met Malorie Blackman!!

I’ve wanted to meet her since I was like… fourteen. I was THRILLED.

Also! Everyone in the hall got to see a sneak preview of the BBC Noughts and Crosses series, which I have been waiting for… again since I was about fourteen years old. It was an unfinished clip, it had a watermark across it and I don’t think the score was done, but ahhh! Exciting! (I’m not sure how much I can divulge, it was a scene at a party, but hopefully a trailer for the whole thing will drop soon anyway?)

It was a terribly exciting day.