Malory Towers

The other week I was looking for some TV to watch and I stumbled across something listed as “Malory Towers Christmas Special.”

Wait, Malory Towers?? I thought. That’s an Enid Blyton series I read when I was a kid! Before I knew how shitty and racist Blyton was!

I had a look and I was delighted to discover that this series is NOT any of those things! It’s very inclusive, very sweet, presents the characters as if they were actual girls in the actual world instead of Blyton’s ridiculous make-believe one (there’s a whole episode about periods! God, Enid would probably have fainted at the thought) and very well-acted by all the young cast. You can tell that CBBC deliberately sought to make as many people as possible feel included and I love it.

All in all, a very wholesome middle finger.