if elon musk implies that a single party owns the media and his entire fanbase in unison goes “oh its the jews. you’re talking about the jews” and elon doesn’t address that by going “screamingkermit.jpg it’s not fucking jews you piece of shit antisemitists” but rather sits there like “…… ;)” you don’t get to say that Tumblr is projecting by implying that he claims that jews control the media. had he thought differently he would definitely notice the replies and pull up another tweet to straighten things out, which he didn’t, because his fanbase realized exactly what he meant. that’s how dogwhistling works. wheres your Logic you weird reddit rejects stuck in the notes of that post yapping like you shit your brains out years ago


it’s really interesting that elon musk has the time to attack everyone talking about unions in his replies, and yet he coincidentally doesn’t have the time on his hands to acknowledge the actual hundreds of /pol/ sewage people answering his leading question with anti-semitic image macros