For my non uk followers wondering wtf is going on:

– prime minister is a cunt. Had like a bajillion scandals

– latest one was apparently one two many. Two extremely important cabinet members resigned within minutes of each other

– within the next 24 hours about a third of the government resigned

– one resigned live on tv. Five resigned with the same letter to save time

– previous record for government resignations within 24 hours was 6 and it it was in the 1930s. We are, as I’m writing this, on 45 resignations

– Michael Gove, another cunt who is hated by all, was going to resign but was sacked instead in what appears to be the prime minister going “you can’t quit you’re fired!”

– government meetings are being cancelled because there is literally nobody in those departments anymore

– despite literally everyone begging him at this point to leave, including his most loyal little evil henchman, prime minister is refusing to resign in disgrace as is traditional for British prime ministers

– prime minister genuinely seems to be in complete denial anything serious is happening

– people are calling for Larry the Cat, no. 10’s chief mouser to be the next prime minister. When asked for comment, he licked his arse on live television