What the fuck

Aylesbury Crown Court was played a video from the in-car camera of the officers laughing before PC Thomas chased Mr Ali on foot, in Luton.

PC Thomas, 33, of Welwyn Garden City, denies racially aggravated assault.

On 20 February, PC Pitts was driving when the two officers saw Mr Ali and they were heard laughing as he started jogging, the court was told.

PC Thomas was seen by a neighbour to get out of the car and attack Mr Ali by the bins, the jury was told.

He is then alleged to have struck Mr Ali again on the floor of his home.

Mr Ali ran from the hall to the back of the house, followed by the officer, but was stopped by his sister who got in between them.

PC Pitts left the car and also went into the house.

When they were asked what they were doing, the officers said Mr Ali may have been a burglar, or a robber and could have had a knife and stabbed someone. (x)

Faruk Ali, 33, was wearing flip flops and a long green coat when he was spotted by PC Christopher Thomas who is accused of calling him a : “F….. P…” (x)

this was also racially motivated, don’t forget that

the UK is no safe haven, pigs are universal

Jesus Christ. I was born in Aylesbury. :(

Police right now are fucking terrible.

I had a perfectly coherent post typed out regarding this, but I can’t really get the words out, it keeps coming back to THIS IS FUCKING DISGUSTING  over and over again:

Fergus Wilson, who with his wife Judith owns nearly 1,000 properties around the Ashford area of Kent, made headlines at the weekend when the Guardian revealed he had sent eviction notices to 200 tenants who paid some of their rent with welfare payments.

On Monday night he told Channel 4 news that the decision was purely based on financial reasons, and that rent arrears were running at more than 50% in the homes he let to those receiving benefits.

“If I am heartless all the other landlords are heartless, because we’re all doing the same,” he said. “All the landlords will tell you that there is so much default now with housing benefit tenants that you are just simply better off with somebody working.”

Wilson admitted he did feel guilty about the people he was evicting, suggesting that some could be in dire circumstances. “It is very, very sad,” he said. “Particlarly, I feel sorry for battered wives who have come to us because we are very much consigning them to go back to their husbands to be beaten up again, but the situation is it cannot go on.” [x]

This man and his wife own nearly a thousand properties in the UK, are number 453 on the Sunday Times Rich List, and they are deliberately and cold-heartedly throwing people out on the streets knowing some of them will have to return to abusive spouses. And they don’t care, or they wouldn’t be doing it. (They also once attempted to sue a gas engineer for reporting that one of their properties was dangerous).

Fuck them. Fuck what this country’s becoming.


i think the british government wakes up in unison every day thinking “how on earth can we make these citizens more uncomfortable? there must be a new policy we haven’t thought of yet” and they all rush to 10 downing street to discuss this state of affairs over several tubs of caviar

With Tumblr focusing so much on world politics right now, there is one British thing I haven’t seen much about, which is the news that a police smear campaign was set up to target the Lawrence family, and obstruct their chances of getting justice for their son.

Basically: a young black teenager was murdered, and the police sought to silence his friends and family – to make them out to be the villains, even – to take attention away from the calls for police reform.

It’s horrible. (And that’s not even the last of the police corruption stories coming out at the moment.) I have absolutely no idea how anyone would go about fixing a thing like this, so just…bear it in mind, I guess.

I love the royal family. It’s just like the best soap opera ever. You know, you’ve got two sons, one of whom is the perfect prince; he’s the heir to the throne and is expecting a child. The other is on the front line of a battle but spends his time with half nude women in Vegas. Then mum died tragically in what some people still think is a conspiracy. And then at the top you’ve got a doddery old bloke and a woman who doesn’t take any shit. If you threw in three dragons and a dwarf you’ve got season 2 of Game of Thrones.

Comedian Adam Hills on the Royal Family. (via youknowyourebritishwhen)