while checking for the umpteenth time whether Quiz Show is available online, I discovered that Netflix has something called Example Show


it consists of a Netflix employee doing stuff outside HQ like

  • cartwheels
  • moonwalking while using his laptop
  • reciting passages from Julius Caesar
  • juggling

it has two seasons with two episodes each, all of which consist of the same eleven-minute video

if you have closed captions on, the entire video is captioned “there’s no crying in baseball!”


You can also change the audio to English with commentary by A. Director, which is a man repeatedly saying “this is director’s commentary. this is directory’s commentary. this is director’s commentary”

there’s also a Spanish audio track that appears to be looped, but is much longer than one sentence. (I think it might be more Julius Caesar.)

there are three subtitle tracks; the “english” one just says “There’s no crying in baseball!” the entire time, the “spanish” one has actual subtitles in english, and the “portuguese” one has actual subtitles in french. this is so good

this is one hell of a fucking aesthetic

netflix gothic