todd rodriguez

#why does this sound so much like a villain speech

Some of TLMOE’s plot this season has been telegraphed from a mile away – it’s painfully obvious that Erica will ask Mike, rather than Todd, to father her and Gail’s new child and Todd will explode into jealousy. But the rest of it I can’t work out, even by reading the press releases, which are usually pretty spoilery but not this time around.

If I had to guess what happens next, it would be “Todd fucks something up really really badly in the season finale or penultimate episode” because he’s been gradually getting more unsympathetic all season. :/

And that is the only thing in life we can predict, the only thing we truly know. Everybody’s story ends the same way.


Character: Todd Rodriguez

From: The Last Man on Earth

Representation: Polyamorous, Racial, Body Type

Their Importance: Todd is one of the few canonically polyamorous characters I’ve seen on a tv show. He explicitly expresses attraction to two women in the show – Melissa and Gail – and offers up the idea of dating both of them. He asks for their permission and says he doesn’t expect them to date (unless they want to), but just wants to date and support both of them. The two agree by the end of the episode, and Todd enters into a V relationship with the two. I thought it was really great seeing the two women express a deep attraction for Todd – characters who are overweight are sometimes portrayed as unattractive and romances will be played for laughs, but the two women genuinely love Todd, find him sexy, and have fallen for him based on his personality and because he’s a genuinely good person.

While the trio eventually breaks up – both women end their relationship with Todd, and by the time jump, Gail is in a relationship with a woman named Erica and Todd and Melissa are together in a seemingly monogamous relationship – it was still amazing to see them in a polyamorous relationship, and not a necessarily closed one where all three characters date each other (as most polyamorous rep I’ve seen has been like). And, despite them breaking up, it doesn’t change the fact that Todd is canonically polyamorous.

Issues: While I think TLMOE has done an excellent job on Todd, he does initially try to date both women without telling them. This could obviously be portrayed as problematic; I personally don’t mind as it opened up the opportunity to have a canon polyamorous relationship instead of a love triangle plot, and discussed the actual terms of how their relationship would be.

Thanks to @starklinqs for the write up!