Eugene Brave Rock, the actor who played Chief Napi in Wonder Woman, was asked for a lot of input by Patty Jenkins and the screen writer apparently, on how to protray a First Nations man in the First World War -reluctantheroine

aah sorry I took long to reply to this message but yes! I remember reading that and he said it was one of the first times he’d ever been asked to do so. (I hope he has a role in the sequel as well.)

I really love first-person fiction and I think a lot of other people do as well. I think there was a backlash to it because of Twilight and 50 Shades, and also because fiction that women like uses it a lot “so therefore it’s bad”. I also think that prominent people on the internet shame people for liking things which also might be part of the reason -relcutantheroine

I think you may be right. (Another reason I’ve had it up to here with cringe culture.) It’s just such a bizarrely prominent view.

The character Yondu’s based on from the comics, is part of a spieces that can control a certain kind of arrow with a high pitched whistle -reluctantheroine

Oh yeah I think I’ve seen a bit of that!

But I do like the headcanon that all other members of his species can control their arrows via organic fins (since that’s what comic!Yondu has), and MCU!Yondu can’t because… well, because the people who enslaved him probably cut it off. (So his making a metal one that can kill, like, everyone in a room in the space of minutes is basically just a massive fuck-you to his slavers.)

also does it count as queerbaiting if the character is actually canonically queer? I mean maybe if her love interest ends up dying forever that could be a problem (especiallly given what happens to most queer women in relationships on tv), but I don’t think have a queer woman who gets to be a hero is queerbaiting -reluctantheroine

It’s not (Bill has reaffirmed multiple times now that she’s interested in women, not men), and what really grinds my gears is that now apparently ‘queerbaiting!’ can be used to mean ‘this character may be gay, but it’s not in a WAY I LIKE’ (whether that be down to Bill’s blackness or her working-class status or anything else)

Like, way to go, guys. Another useful word that now means nothing because you couldn’t keep your prejudices in check.

thank you very much you guys! :D

(obvious no-one here would be mean because all of you are lovely, I just meant, having your birthday on April Fool’s Day is not always the easiest. ;) )

replied to your post “The Moorside (the drama about the still very infamous Matthews case)…”

I heard her family had some issues with it

Yeah, I saw that too, the grandparents. I get why they’d be concerned. (I’m kinda glad they did say something actually. At least they’re in her life and looking out for her?)

I dunno, despite what seem to be noble motives on the part of the BBC (bringing attention to the unsung heroes of the story?) maybe it is too soon :/