gotg2 spoilers




(slightly unsettling eye trauma ahead) That awful moment when you realise Yondu’s eyes freeze over, because he doesn’t close them, because he wants to stay looking at Peter.


And Peter just meeting his gaze the entire time, so Peter is literally staring into Yondu’s eyes at the moment that he dies – because it’s all he can do, it’s the only way he can help.

The last thing they do is try to make it better for each other in some tiny way.


There’s definitely something in there about how Peter (poor, poor Peter) couldn’t help his mother either. He’s now seen both of his parents (shh, Ego doesn’t count) die right in front of him while staring at him like he was the light of their life, and both times he couldn’t do a thing. Not even touch them, not properly. :(

*also cries*


What follows here is not a nice story (although we know how it ends, luckily) but I sort of wanted to have a shot at telling it.

Title: Smile
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Characters: Mantis, Ego
Summary: Mantis’s life under Ego.
Rating: Um. PG13? It’s not graphic, it’s just… unsettling.
Warnings: Well… this is a story about abuse, and its effects. So there’s gaslighting, and physical violence, and trauma, and… slavery, essentially. Mantis is a slave, even if she doesn’t know it. Plus a sort of vague, menacing misogyny in the background. Also, y’know, it’s partly about Ego, possibly the most casually evil creature the MCU has conjured up.

If you think you can handle it, click here to read on AO3, or,



Also, I didn’t get to fit this into the previous post and I really badly wanted to:

I love how Ego is dressed and designed to bring to mind Zeus, another guy who spread his seed throughout the universe and fathered children with mortal women;

I really love how Ego’s spaceship is shaped like an egg, and when it lands on a new planet, it destroys and warps the ground around it.



I don’t know if Stakar was intended to come across as Yondu’s Space Dad, but Stakar’s “we’re not mad at you, we’re disappointed” moment cast him in that light for me. Especially since he was so ready to answer Rocket’s call at the end– like for all Stakar’s bluster about “you’re never ever ever gonna be a Ravager again,” he was really just waiting for Yondu to give him a reason to take that edict back. And he was super proud when Yondu did, even if the circumstances were tragic.

I mean yeah, all of that plays into the whole “the Ravagers demonstrate to Rocket that true family still loves you even if you’re a little shit sometimes,” thing, but I also like it as a standalone, “bonus” father/son arc in the movie.

Oh, I absolutely think it was intentional. Every single subplot and character relationship in the movie ties back to the central family theme in one way or another (even the Sovereign, with their baby-making machines and complete lack of family connections with each other). And I absolutely think Stakar and Yondu’s relationship is meant to echo Yondu and Peter’s in a bunch of different ways; the entire arc of their relationship is in many ways an echo of the arc of Peter and Yondu’s.

all this, but can I also say, it amuses me no end that Sylvester Stallone is basically Peter’s spacegrandad considering he’s another 80s icon