New Pokemon Snap

After a lot of running around from sold-out store to sold-out store today I was able to net myself a copy of the new Pokemon Snap! Strange to think the last one came out more than 20 years ago (and I didn’t even get to play it the year of release because I was a child with no Nintendo.)

LOTS of fun. Still trying to work out how to do the “friends” thing. But here’s some of my fave Snaps I’ve taken so far:

25 Years…


On this day, 25 years ago, a journey began.  A boy named Red had to choose between a dinosaur plant, a fire-breathing lizard, and a water elemental turtle as his first companion on this long journey.  And an untold number of people would make this boy’s choice and travel this amazing journey in his footsteps–through towns and cities, through forests and caves, across mountains and seas–all to discover a world filled with the most marvelous creatures, and to stop a group of unscrupulous people who sought to control them.

And thus, something truly wonderful came into being–a journey that gave rise to so many more journeys for others to take though various other lands and discover more creatures and have more adventures, as well as spin off a tale of another boy named Ash, and his lightning mouse as he gathered companions through the same lands, one after another.

My own journey into the Pokémon world started with Red’s and Ash‘s, almost simultaneously, when Pokémon hit the US two years after its initial release in Japan.  It’s not hyperbole to say that it changed my life and shaped me into who I am today.  There’s something truly special about being at the start of something that continues to grow and inspire to this day.

But it doesn’t matter who you started with–whether with Red (or Leaf) or Ash, with Ethan/Gold and Lyra/Kris, with Brendan and May, Dawn and Lucas, Hilda and Hilbert, Nate and Rosa, Calem and Serena, Elio and Selene, or Victor and Gloria.  This day is our day–a day to celebrate the journeys and the characters who helped shaped us in some way.

And as we prepare to revisit Dawn and Lucas’s journey later this year, we look forward to what’s next–all while looking back at how we got here.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Pokémon.  It’s been an incredible journey, and one we’ll continue to travel for many years to come.

Happy 25th birthday, Pokemon

It’s so strange to think Pokemon is younger than me. But I remain eternally grateful it exists.

New Year via games

Obviously there was nowhere to go on New Year’s Eve so I basically spent it on Animal Crossing. Awww, the little villagers threw a party.

Animal Crossing meant a lot to us this year, so I wanted to get a nice photo of me and my husband in the game as the countdown finished and the fireworks went off. So I got us in cute poses and hit the button at JUST the right moment… and the screenshot gallery was full. No photo for you. I cracked the hell up because WHAT BETTER WAY to sum up 2020 than that. Oh well, I took a photo on my phone instead, which has more sentiment in many ways I suppose.

Also Deli wasn’t there and he’s my favourite. :(

I had a quick whirl on Pokemon to get the New Year ones as well. That was more successful, in that I was able to get 2020 Slowpoke (aww) and evolve him within a couple of hours.

And a Pikachu with yet another hat!

Anyway, those were a fun distraction. Now back to the crushing terror of living in the UK under a corrupt government in the middle of a pandemic.