Pokepost (mostly)

Y’know…I miss Pokemon. I really do. But they stopped playing it on the four measely channels I get, and I slowly stopped updating my Pokewebsite, and…*sigh*. But I still have my Pokemon poster opposite my bed. That’s it. Movies are left unwatched, message boards are left unvisited, stuffed Pikachus fall behind the shelf and get left there. :(

Ash and the others, however, can be Pokemon Masters in my head… :(

…jeez, I hate it when I’m in moods like this. I should do something useful. There’s a fic-quote meme going round, I should do that or something. But most of my favourite quotes from my fanfiction are from posts that haven’t gone up yet.

As an added note, I really, really like the most recent chapter of GST:Making. It’s just sort of depressing/dark and amusing at the same time. I’ve always liked it when I’m able to do that. :D Don’t do it very often…

I was going to do a long Pokefic at one point. Something tells me I won’t find the time. -_-;;

For things you can’t go back to: ^_^