Question of the day

Are bittorrents illegal? ‘Cos…I just downloaded one to watch Attack of the Graske, and my dad is very unhappy. He says if the copyright people come knocking at the door then he’ll be the one who gets in trouble. So…I wondered.

There was, in fact, an argument about it, during which my youngest brother yelled at me, “YOU’RE ACTING LIKE HITLER!” *dead*

…does anyone know? ‘Cos wikipedia for once isn’t really helping much…will try Google.

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Have finally got around to putting Turn of the Earth up on A Teaspoon And An Open Mind. Only the first two parts, but hey.

And now, a meme, gakked from fernwithy

Default Icon

I’ve had a SW default since last year. I like this one better than the last one, though- that’s my favourite line from any movie ever.

Oldest Icon

You can tell, can’t you? ;)

Newest Icon

Only added a couple of days ago. :)

Saddest Icon

But it’s only sad now that we know we’re not seeing Jack for a while. :(


I ought to read that comic book, but…they don’t sell comics round here.

Happiest Icon

I don’t have many happy icons, oddly enough.

Angriest Icon
I don’t have any…well, not yet. Note to self: make angry icon.

Cutest Icon

Because LEGO is so darn cute.

Sexiest Icon

Hey there, Harry.

Most Humourous Icon

Well, I find it funny. XD

Favourite Ship Icon


Favourite Fandom Icon
They’ll all fandom icons!

Icons for commenting
All of them

Favourite Icon you made
I made them all, mwahaha

Favourite of the Moment

Because I like the colours. And the subject. :)

Favourite Overall
Couldn’t choose!

How many icons do you have total? 63
How many can you have? 100
If you could buy space for more, would you? Maybe
Do your icons make a statement about you? Probably
What fandom do you have the most icons of? Star Wars (15)
The second most? Doctor Who (13)
What ship do you have the most icons of? I don’t think anything…?
How do you categorize your icons? You can categorize your icons?
Are your icons mostly made by other users? Nope, all me!
Do you make icons? Yes!
Are they any good? I’ll let you decide
Animated icons are… Hard.
In general I think icons… a lot of fun to make


I got a digital camera for Christmas. I’d wanted one for ages, and now I’ve taken to carrying it about wherever I go. Heh.

Anyway, as 2006 rolled in, virtually everyone in my street of pyromanics was letting off fireworks. Going outside was like going into a war zone- it was pretty cool. So I got my camera, pointed it at the sky and got-

fireworks1 fireworks2

And then today my family went to Willen Lake- it’s a nice lake in Milton Keynes- and I took the camera and grabbed some pictures as the sun was setting:

willenlake1 willenlake2 willenlake3

Yes, that last one is purple. No-one knows why. XD

I also pointed the camera out of the car window and got some lovely blurry pictures which would be PERFECT for light textures. I’ll share them with y’all who do icons/graphics. :D