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Happy new year everyone! :D

-Write more fic. I’ve got plans for loads of fic- Doctor Who and a Star Wars one- but it remains to be seen if all of them can be finished. Or indeed started.

-Decide what to do after I graduate, and find a place to live. I’ve seen some great apartments, but it remains to be seen what me and Lovely BF can afford on our budget.

-Have another Icon Month

-Write in this LJ more and update my website more

-Get married. :D

Save the Linslade Post Office

I, er, have a small favour to ask of all you kindly people out there.

The government has been closing thousands of post offices in the UK, and recently my local one, the Linslade Post Office, has been put on the list for closure. If it was closed, it would disadvantage a great many people, many of whom are elderly and disabled and for obvious reasons not wanting to travel the extra distance to get to the post office on the other side of town.

I know the people who own the Linslade Post Office, and some of their customers, and they’re all very nice people, so I volunteered this online petition. (They’ve got a petition to sign in their shop, too, but I don’t imagine many of you guys frequent there…:p)

So if you want to sign it, the petition is here. :)

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Hey, y’all.

I’m back in my hometown now. I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning around here; there’s been some defriendings because my friendslist has grown to the point it’s getting unmanageable. Sorry. I always feel bad defriending people. Eep.

State of my brain may be improving slightly. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell.

There will be icons later. Stay tuned. :)

Aquarium pictures

For those who like looking at sharks. :D

A selection of sharks. One of these was at every window we went to, watching with those dead, sharky eyes…







A rather blurry ray


Assorted fish. Mostly of the brightly coloured variety. :)




Jellyfish! The ones in the last photo were in a tank with mirrors on the side, so it looked like a big jellyfish kalidoscope



A strange little spikey thing. With eyes!


A starfish. This photo came out rather well


That’s it for the aquarium, but I hope you enjoyed. :D