last man on earth

I really love the TLMOE costume department for so many reasons, but one of them is this: Tandy’s t-shirts occasionally hint at the plot/resolution of the episode! (this is something I’ve completely failed so far to successfully gif, so you get this long post instead.)

Tandy’s shirt in The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Death is a messenger pigeon, and the episode’s all about trying to leave a message to someone.

Tandy’s shirt in The Spirit of St Lewis (the episode where Lewis dies) is birds flying out of a cage. Doves are sometimes released at funerals to symbolize the soul of the deceased being released. (I hate TSOSL, but I love that detail)

Then at the end of that episode Tandy’s wearing a sunset, because (what with Lewis being dead, Gail presumed dead and Melissa locked up) it’s arguably the group’s darkest hour. Except that you could also see it as a sunrise, meaning the opposite, and of course right before the credits Gail turns out to be Not Quite Dead.

Back to the sun again! In the series 3 finale, where everyone pours over maps to find a place to go and eventually decide to try Mexico, Tandy’s wearing a map marker with the sun inside it.

And finally, in the ending scene of Double Cheeseburger, where Tandy’s holding baby Mike, he’s wearing a t-shirt with planets on it. You can’t see it properly in the show, but it’s this one, the aptly named “You Are My Universe” tee –

An astronaut giving a gift to a girl.

we’re just a bunch of people who happened to meet at the end of the world.

reasons fox should renew last man on earth

  • not a perfect show, especially season 1 (honestly just skip it) but REALLY trying
  • great mix of apocalyptic seriousness and comedy
  • makes you laugh one minute and sob like a baby the next
  • mentally ill character whose mental illness isn’t treated as a joke
  • fantastic production design
  • lots of gross jokes about bodily fluids and such but very few (I can’t think of any?) jokes at the expense of any group
  • has an interracial wlw couple, still a bit of a rarity on TV
  • only 1 white man in a main cast of (currently) 7
  • a show all about the importance of found-family and what makes a family
  • as well as loss and grief and survival
  • beautiful scenery and direction
  • fantastic acting
  • killed off the entire trump administration

please, please watch it on the Fox website or Hulu I am SO DESPERATE for it to get at least one last season