the last man on earth | valhalla

erica, watching the mother and baby cow, reflecting on her situation

#i noticed this scene when i was making yesterday’s gifset and oh gosh poor erica #She’s pregnant and she literally just lost the father of the baby #she’s not really ready for motherhood #and she’s (at that point) all alone :( #WAIT something else just occurred to me #the mate of the cow is dead too #and she’s one of the people who killed it! #oh no

the last man on earth + episodes written by women

*cowritten with a male writer

the last man on earth: erica dundee throughout the seasons

a fic

They bi.

Title: Falling Quickly
Fandom: The Last Man on Earth
Rating: M I think
Characters: Phil Tandy Miller, Erica Dundee, Mike Miller (most of the others also show up, but they’re the main ones)
Pairings: Erica/Gail, Erica/Mike, Erica/OFC, Tandy/Brent Junkins, Tandy/Carol
Warnings: Unsupportive families, homophobic language, homophobia/biphobia in general
Notes: I love Mike to pieces, but honestly this drags the hell out of him I think

Tandy, Erica, a conversation, and everything that got them to that point.

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