last man on earth

“Will Forte’s Last Man on Earth came out of the gate hot in its first season, with critics lauding it as tonally and structurally revolutionary. As the season progressed, some cooled, feeling that Forte’s Phil became a too-difficult-to-watch villain. However, in season two the show came back mightily, maintaining all that was special about the first season while giving it a little bit more heart. It remains one of the most unusual, unpredictable sitcoms in recent memory.” – Vulture

“…the show has continued to transverse sitcom conventions, not only in its
high concept structure, but the social commentary and emotional truths
it tackles.” – The Interrobang

“There’s no question about it, these characters are ridiculous, and
there’s a good chance they’re the last people you want to spend the end of the world with. However, they also always feel like real people. They have flaws, they make dumb jokes, but mostly they make mistakes.
Forte’s comedy about the end of humanity has produced some of the most
dimensional humans of 2016.”


“Sunday night’s episode put my doubts to rest, and cements The Last Man on Earth‘s
status as among the most imaginative, and best, shows on
television—comedy or drama. Indeed, this comedy moved me more than any
of the prestige dramas that air opposite it on Sunday-night cable
lineups have done so far.”


The Last Man on Earth is as brave as it is entertaining; messy as it
is meticulous; and only as dark as it’s willing to look for the light.”