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WELL this has been in the works (even as kinda only an idea) for roughly i don’t know THREE YEARS? So I promised myself I’d post it tonight.

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Judge of Souls
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes/Les Miserables
: PG13 probably (there’s nothing worse here than in either book)
Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Grantaire, Grantaire’s sister, Enjolras
At the turn of the nineteenth century, Holmes and Watson are called to
France to investigate the case of a man who died in the 1832 riots.

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Favourite characters of 2011 (sticking to ‘active’ characters only- so no Marthas or Eowyns or Skywalkers, alas)

Rory Pond (Doctor Who): Because he’s a brave, loyal, flawed hero.

Amy Pond (Doctor Who): The exact same reasons except also she likes to dress as a pirate.

Mels Zucker/Melody Pond (Doctor Who): It took me a while to warm to River (I like her now, of course) but I liked Mels instantly- I don’t know why. Then I wrote a lot of fanfiction about her incredibly unorthodox childhood, thusly spending a lot of time in her head. Now I really love her.

Kelly Bailey (Misfits): Do I even need a reason for her? She is amazing. Kick-ass, loyal, confident, brave, beat up Nazis, headbutted Hitler.

Shaun the probation worker (Misfits): Obviously I wouldn’t want to spend any time with him in real life, in fact I’d hate his guts, but he was such a slimy, sleazy, magnificent bastard that I looked forward to his scenes most of all.

Marnie (Misfits): I deliberated for about twenty seconds whether to put Marnie or Nathan on the list, but it had to be Marnie, because she’s basically a female Nathan and is awesome.

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter): I wish I was more like Luna. I’m slowly getting there.

Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter): There are a lot of badasses in the world. He’s the best.

FRYCROFT Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock Holmes): This is the most important man in the British government, who casually strolls naked round his house and flirts with the servants.

John Watson (Sherlock Holmes): Come on, it’s Watson!

Mary Watson (Sherlock Holmes): The unsung hero of A Game Of Shadows. Hey, it was her who actually translated all of Moriarty’s notebooks. And she knows how to handle a gun.

Rapunzel (Tangled): God she’s awesome. Hyper, childlike, creative, clever, and yet can fight when the chips are down.

Jodie ‘Scout’ Allen (Waterloo Road): Not many people know this, but I’m addicted to Waterloo Road. And she was my favourite of the kids. I dunno what exactly it was drew me to her…probably because she was treated appallingly by everyone, including her horrible mother, and came out swinging nonetheless.

Daniel Chalk (Waterloo Road): And he’s my favourite of the teachers. Look at his squishy face. I wish the romance between him and Janeece had worked out, bloke deserves a little happiness. Fun fact: Mark Benton was Clive in Rose.

Miranda Hart (Miranda): Okay, I know that there wasn’t actually a series of Miranda this year, but she did show up on the Michael McIntyre show and stuff, so she’s going in here. Also I want her for the Twelveth Doctor.

Sarah Jane Smith (The Sarah Jane Adventures): This should have been her year.