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EEEK! I love your art. :D If it’s not too much trouble, can I have any combination of companions chillin’ out? Amy-Rory-Martha-Mickey, maybe!

Dinner at the Ponds: They swap stories, Rory and Martha bond over doctory-nursey stuff and Mickey’s amused by yet another lady having fallen for the Doctor.


It’s exactly what I wanted, so much so that I have lost the ability to can, THANK YOOOOOU *dead*




Pond Life Episode Two had me laughing for far longer than the duration of the short.  I’ll leave the dirty jokes about ‘the bedroom rule’ to other people,  I’m more interested in the fact that the Doctor is basically an overactive puppy.  I can just see him whining loudly outside of a locked door until one of the Ponds finally breaks and lets him in the room.

The three of them are the best kind of awkward best friends.

OTPS I Love To Pieces:


Who: Doctor Who, actually. They’re Amy Pond and Rory Williams (-Pond?), current travelling companions of the Doctor.

Who plays them: Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill- plus Caitlin Blackwood and Ezekiel Wigglesworth play them as kids.

Why: Amy and Rory are my OTP of all time- few others come even close. They went through so much, did so much, became so much- and despite that they still remained so wonderfully, awesomely ordinary. Like us. Love isn’t always dancing through the stars- it’s also having to pay the mortgage, fix the DVD player, unblock the toilet…raise the kids…

They’re opposites in many ways: the faithless and the faithful, the healer and the fighter, the anchor and the waterfall. Yet they complement each other too- Rory’s caution and compassion coupled with Amy’s wildness and cleverness makes them into one hell of a team. (So it’s no surprise River turned out one hell of a person, either.) And they constantly save each other, defying time and space and even the Silence themselves. “She will never come back for you,” they said- but the Ponds always, always come back for each other.

They’re just a perfect mixture of looking into each others’ eyes and looking outward in the same direction. I don’t think I’ll ever love another TV couple as much as I love them.

Best moment: Old Amy, aged by a time loop, tells her husband she won’t save her younger self. “Look me in the face and say that now.” Rory says to her. He holds the time-glass up to his head, where an image of Young Amy flickers into being- Amy looks at her Rory’s stupid face, and sees herself. I love that moment, it’s so beautiful and so symbolic- Rory’s happy to disregard his own identity, always, in favour of Amy’s if it’s what she needs. He’s happy to become anything, anyone, for her. That’s why the mild-mannered nurse will always don the armour and weapons of an unstoppable killing machine if he thinks Amy wants it: so much of what he is is wrapped up in her. And vice versa.

Second-best moment: In The Big Bang, in the middle of various terrible events, Rory asks Amy if she’s okay. “Are you?” she asks. “No,” he answers. “Well, shut up then!” Amy snaps, utterly distraught. Rory says nothing…just hugs her tightly. And this was the long, long night before their wedding.


I feel really sorry for Rory sometimes.

Because it’s obvious to me that he’s kind of CUT OUT for being a father – all the way through Series Five absolutely nothing throws him. Hell, he’s even okay with the dying-and-suddenly-being-Roman thing.

And then through Series Six, he just becomes so muchmore, but he’s still really calm about everything and you can just tell he’d be a perfect father.

And then he never even gets to see his real baby daughter – he only sees her when she’s Flesh, I think. I know he grows up with her, but it isn’t the same because he didn’t know he had a daughter all that time up until Berlin.

Yet he’s STILL fazed by nothing, and he still loves River.

I don’t know, I’m just having Rory feels today.

And then I feel sorry for River for the exact same reason – she’s obviously such a daddy’s girl (I imagine she’d have been pretty close to him as Mels), but she can’t show it when he doesn’t even know who she is to the Doctor, never mind to him, and there’s always far too much going on in their lives for them to have some actual TIME with each other.

But I think Rory would have been so, so brilliant as a father and I’m really sad they haven’t had more time together.


So. Much. SAD. :(

Remember that scene in Amy’s Choice, where he walks up to the baby’s cot and gently touches the mobile? That scene is a sucker-punch, after Season Six.