The Female Assassin – at least we know what happened!


Fandom: Misfits

No Pairings

No trigger warnings (I think?)

The Female Assassin by Sarah531 take place after the 4th episode of season 3 where Kelly beat the shit out of Hitler to prevent Germany winning the war. Turns out that her effort was redorded in the history books and the gang have a good time discovering this.

This is a short fanfic about a great idea, because surely an unidentified woman attacking Hitler without ever being caught would go down in history! The dialog feels natural to the characters as we know them from the screen. Especially Kelly’s voice is recognizable, I can really hear her say these lines. Despite the cursning so natural to the Misfit verse I think this is a rather cute text, everyone being as proud of Kelly as she is of herself. You can find it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/490884

TROUBLE– a two-sided Alisha Daniels fanmix

SIDE 1 Trouble Neon Jungle | Bad Girls MIA | Superficial Natalia Kills | Kiss With A Fist Florence and the Machine | I Just Want To Have Something Ramones | How To Be A Heartbreaker Marina and the Diamonds | Everybody Loves Me OneRepublic | A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Fergie feat Q

SIDE 2 Trouble Natalia Kills | Lost Girls Tilly and the Wall | Gasoline Jann Arden | Untouchable Face Ani Difranco | Thank God I’m Pretty Emilie Autumn | Young and Beautiful Lana del Ray | Pretty Face Soley | Young Forever Nicki Minaj

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You can probably tell I’ve cooled off on Misfits, because it’s been four episodes in and I’ve barely talked about it-

  • All the main cast are dead or pushed off somewhere, and replaced with people who aren’t as interesting. I do like Jess, but they refuse to give her anything to do so far- she’s reduced to a football passed around between Finn and Rudy, apparently.
  • Rudy is essentially a rapist (he had sex with a girl he knew wasn’t with it) so….ur….
  • After the zombie episode in Season Three, my suspension of disbelief re: the massive body count finally ran out. Over twenty people have died in that community center, and no-one’s come looking for any of them? Police should be swarming round the place!
  • And on that subject, didn’t Alisha have a family? Were they told she died? And Simon had a family too, did he just abandon them? All these people seem to exist in a lonesome bubble, which would be fine if we didn’tknowthey had families…
  • Anyway. I don’t hate it or anything, but I dunno if I’ll bother with Series 5. If there is one…

64 shiny icons

-Doctor Who (lots of Amy and Amy/Rory)
-The Hunger Games
-Doctor Who cast (Karen, Arthur, Matt and Freema)

Textures are by planets-bend-between-us at Tumblr. Number 1 is from this bit of not-quite-art here, and Number 6 from this one.

Take, enjoy, credit, y’all!

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