gravity falls

Demon Giveaway


Any UK-based fans of the Illuminati and/or Gravity Falls want to give a new home for one malevolent triangle?

I’m moving house and need to get rid of my Bill Cipher cosplay before mid-August. He’s HUGE and thus collection-only, but completely free for anyone willing to pick him up from London, UK.

Included are the body (made out of sturdy crafting foam, with a shoulder harness inside), hat, cane and black gloves. As an extra feature, the eye glows in the dark and gives you vivid nightmares of being devoured alive. (Please don’t ask me why I included that. Or why I stored him a place that’s visible from my bed.)

Message me for details, or ask your UK friends if they’re still missing a good con/halloween costume! I’d love to give ol’ Bill the chance to gain a few more rounds – as opposed to re-enacting the finale and hacking him into little pieces to throw in the trash. Regardless of how appropriate that might be.