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Happy Tolkien Reading Day

Today is Tolkien Reading Day, and also the day (Middle Earth-wise) that the One Ring was destroyed. I’ve seen people sharing Tolkien quotes today so here, have one of my favourites. Obviously it’s pretty damn applicable these days.

FRODO: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.

GANDALF: So do all who live to see such times… but that is not for them to decide. All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.

ophelie-letanneur:Finally ! This is my version of the fellowship… — The Heroines of Middle-Earth


Finally ! This is my version of the fellowship of the ring ( and Arwen :B ), I’ve tried to not be influenced by the movie but as per the Tolkien’s story. Hope you like it :D

ophelie-letanneur:Finally ! This is my version of the fellowship… — The Heroines of Middle-Earth

This is great and I love it.

Frodo undertook his quest out of love – to save the world he knew from disaster at his own expense, if he could; and also in complete humility, acknowledging that he was wholly inadequate to the task. His real contract was only to do what he could, to try to find a way, and to go as far on the road as his strength of mind and body allowed. He did that. I do not myself see that the breaking of his mind and will under demonic pressure under torment was any more a moral failure than the breaking of his body would have been – say, by being strangled by Gollum, or crushed by a falling rock.
That appears to have been the judgement of Gandalf and Aragorn and of all who learned the full story of his journey. Certainly nothing would have been concealed by Frodo! But what Frodo himself felt about the events is quite another matter.

“The Letters of JRR Tolkien, letter #246 (September 1963)

so, more or less, no power in the world can convince me he wasn’t a bloody hero. said it ten years ago, sayin’ again now.

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September 22 – “At last the day of the Big Party arrived. Everywhere there was too
much to eat
, and by midafternoon there were broken presents lying all
over the Shire attesting to the low quality of their manufacture.
set off a series of fireworks later on in the day
, including great
skywriting missiles and little flaming butterflies who took to wing,
sailed off into the Eastfarthing and burned all its trees to the ground.
The last firework sent up a great black smoke which took the shape
of a giant mountain of fire. A flicker could be seen of a giant dragon
sailing about its peak; after a moment the great dragon went sailing over
the heads of the crowd, causing great panic and consternation and six
outright heart attacks
before imploding somewhere over the
Sackville-Baggins’ neighborhood, causing considerable property damage
which was never properly repaired for generations afterward.
‘That is the signal for supper!’, Bilbo cried out to the survivors,
who were only partly mollified.”