bilbo baggins


September 22 – “At last the day of the Big Party arrived. Everywhere there was too
much to eat
, and by midafternoon there were broken presents lying all
over the Shire attesting to the low quality of their manufacture.
set off a series of fireworks later on in the day
, including great
skywriting missiles and little flaming butterflies who took to wing,
sailed off into the Eastfarthing and burned all its trees to the ground.
The last firework sent up a great black smoke which took the shape
of a giant mountain of fire. A flicker could be seen of a giant dragon
sailing about its peak; after a moment the great dragon went sailing over
the heads of the crowd, causing great panic and consternation and six
outright heart attacks
before imploding somewhere over the
Sackville-Baggins’ neighborhood, causing considerable property damage
which was never properly repaired for generations afterward.
‘That is the signal for supper!’, Bilbo cried out to the survivors,
who were only partly mollified.”