Hey, teacher,

#LeaveOurKidsAlone was trending in the UK this morning. All anti-vaxxers outraged, OUTRAGED at the prospect of kids aged 12 being given the Covid vaccine. And yet, funny this, kids aged 12 and under can still very much can die of Covid! Oh it’s rare, but it does happen. And YET.

Whenever I see a hashtag like this I think the operative word is always “OUR.” The important part isn’t even to do with vaccines but the fact that these parents see themselves as owning their child and thus there’s no possible way that the kid might, y’know, have an opinion regarding their own medical treatment. Not to mention, I note the hashtag is filled with nonsense memes about “rising up against tyranny” and art depicting brave heroic parents protecting faceless, wordless children.

I suspect the anti-vaxxer circle on Twitter and the TERF circle is one and the same. There’s just a grand lack of desire to see children as actual people rather than the property of their parents.