It does amuse me when people say that Jane and Thor don’t have enough time on screen for people to ‘find them convincing’, when people ship Phil Coulson and Hawkeye together DESPITE THE FACT THEY HAD ONE CONVERSATION AND THEY WEREN’T EVEN ON SCREEN TOGETHER.

The hilarious thing is how ‘they don’t have enough time together’ is the start of a long line of goalpost adjustments.

Once you point out their onscreen time together is comparable to, say, Tony and Pepper and vastly in excess of Tony and Steve, then it becomes, ‘Well but they barely know one another’. When you indicate that Steve and Tony have, to all appearances, only just met in Avengers, now we’re on to ‘But they have a rich comics history’. And then when you point out Jane and Thor have been interacting in the comics since 1964 1962 (I should have gone with my instinct, it was 1962), it’s ‘Well but this is a very different Jane’. And then you remind them that the MCU is not the comics, and they finally fall back on ‘Well but she’s whiny and clingy and not a good female character like *insert one of the ass-kicking women like Sif or Natasha or Maria here*’.

And so finally the goalpost has reached its real level: ‘Jane Foster in the MCU is not what I think a woman should be. She’s too focused on her career and helps the hero save the whole universe and possesses an Infinity Stone without dropping dead on the spot and has had the eponymous protagonist of the story tell her she’s right and should keep striving instead of the other way around like it usually is with the dude’s woman counterpart and that’s just too much involvement for me’. 

In other words, Jane is on her own footing in terms of skill and competency, separate from Thor. It’s not Jane who wanders into Thor’s story; it’s Thor who wanders into hers. And the fandom is beside itself to negate her in all ways as a result, to an extent they don’t Natasha or Maria or Pepper (though Pepper gets a lot of erasure too, let’s be real), including but not limited to setting almost-impossible-to-meet standards for her to have a relationship with an alien who wields a weapon made of matter harvested from a stellar core and who can control the weather. All of that last bit is totes okay, but them diving headlong into a relationship? UNPOSSIBLE.

Woops. I ranted. I should finish my coffee.