A few decades ago, if you saw a lovely spaceship on a book cover, with a gorgeous planet in the background, you could be pretty sure you were going to get a rousing space adventure featuring starships and distant, amazing worlds. If you saw a barbarian swinging an axe? You were going to get a rousing fantasy epic with broad-chested heroes who slay monsters, and run off with beautiful women. Battle-armored interstellar jump troops shooting up alien invaders? Yup. A gritty military SF war story, where the humans defeat the odds and save the Earth. And so on, and so forth.

These days, you can’t be sure.

The book has a spaceship on the cover, but is it really going to be a story about space exploration and pioneering derring-do? Or is the story merely about racial prejudice and exploitation, with interplanetary or interstellar trappings?

There’s a sword-swinger on the cover, but is it really about knights battling dragons? Or are the dragons suddenly the good guys, and the sword-swingers are the oppressive colonizers of Dragon Land?

A planet, framed by a galactic backdrop. Could it be an actual bona fide space opera? Heroes and princesses and laser blasters? No, wait. It’s about sexism and the oppression of women.

Finally, a book with a painting of a person wearing a mechanized suit of armor! Holding a rifle! War story ahoy! Nope, wait. It’s actually about gay and transgender issues.

Or it could be about the evils of capitalism and the despotism of the wealthy.

Do you see what I am trying to say here?

Brad Torgensen, explaining why the Sad Puppies were necessary.

Or, as nurseswillburyyou points out, a grown man whining about how awful it is that you can’t reliably judge books by their covers anymore.

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How does a person go through the effort of typing this out without that voice in the back of their head going “You know, this is a stupid thing to say on many levels. Maybe I should try again.”

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How horrible. I mean, it’s horrible in so many ways, but 1) how horrible to be such a bigot; 2) how horrible for such a bigot to have so much influence; 3) how horrible for someone ostensibly interested in a genre to not see the bloody point of it; 4) how horrible to not want literature to be significant in any way; 5) how horrible to erase whatever issues the books that brought him into sci-fi in the first place were probably about.

I mean, I’d say this douche can go reread Heinlein to pacify himself, but even stuff like Starship Troopers was about 1950′s politics, and he’d probably dismiss the Free Love era as “SJW” stuff.

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