The Freema Agyeman Appreciation post

Becoming tired of the negativity on the OG, I thought I’d make a list of reasons Freema deserves fangirling.

1. Making 42 a pretty good episode instead of a ‘meh’ one. I particularly love the phone conversation between her and her mother. It really makes the episode for me, especially the last phone call when you can hear the relief and concern in her voice.

(pictures, apart from the Martha/Jack one, are from

2. Being absolutely brilliant in Human Nature. She takes on the Family, tells Joan where to go, and generally is all kinds of awesome. Human Nature was so, so good. I think it’s probably Freema’s best performance, although all of them are good.

3. The chemistry between her and John Barrowman. It makes me want to ship Martha/Jack.

4. The hurt on her face at “It’s like when you fancy someone and they don’t even know you exist”

5. This bit. In fact, she was great in all of ‘The Sound Of Drums’.

6. She used to be a Trekkie!

7. She understands the fans, never has a bad word to say about any of us, and geniunely seems to love her job and the show.

That’s seven- add your own. :D