Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth

Excuse the incoherence…

First off: Rose’s slightly bitchy reaction to seeing Martha. I want them to be friends, darnit. Wouldn’t they make a great team? Work with me here.

Davros was awesome, Sarah Jane was awesome, Torchwood would awesome, everyone was awesome.

I totally don’t believe David Tennant is leaving.

I saw Harriet Jones’ death coming, but that was quite sad. I wonder what the Doctor’s reaction to that will be.

Martha seems to have forgotten she’s engaged. :p

Was that the Sound Of Drums I heard when Donna was at the Shadow Proclamation? Whoa.

My money on who will die next episode:
-Francine. That will inspire Martha to use that weapon thingy she’s got, even though she’s not supposed to.
-Sylvia. Since this episode is supposed to be a Deathly Hallows style bloodbath I fully expect a few minor characters to go. Hopefully she’ll go out redemptively. If that’s a word.
-Donna. Based on what Dalek Caan said about ‘the most loyal companion’. But I hope not. :(