Few more thoughts about the series finale

Spoilers ahead. :)

You know, Martha still doesn’t know that the Doctor killed her cousin (well, sort of, anyway), and next episode the only other surviving witness to that event, Jackie, is back. Probably nothing will come of it, but I’ve always wondered if it would be brought up again.

Speaking of Jackie, I wonder what her role in the episode is going to be? I can’t see her gunning down Daleks (cool as that would be). I hope she doesn’t die, or become seperated from Rose in any way. I always adored Jackie and admired her love for her daughter.

Maybe Jackie and Francine will meet. That would be cool.

What did Dalek Caan mean when he called the Doctor ‘the threefold man’? I wondered if it was maybe something to do with his three main companions (Rose, Martha and Donna) but maybe not. Maybe it just sounds cool. I’ll add it to the list of ‘cool titles for the Doctor to put on icons’.

How come K9 isn’t in these episodes? I know there’s an in-story reason somewhere, but did the production team only get permission to use him for one episode or something? Then again, I suppose there wouldn’t be much for him to do anyway. :p