Sherlock Holmes 3 Sets December 2020 Release Date


Warner Bros. sets Sherlock Holmes 3 for a December 2020 release date. With his days in the Marvel Cinematic Universe potentially winding down, Robert Downey Jr.’s slate of projects continues to be filled. He still has at least one more appearance on the docket in Avengers 4, but after that, he’s going to branch out with Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. But, he isn’t going to completely abandon familiar roles either.


Sherlock Holmes 3 Sets December 2020 Release Date


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for a fifth season!

a sansa stark fanmix

1. hungry like the wolf – snow hill
2. million years ago – adele
3. mirror mirror – jeff williams & casey lee williams
4. sweet dreams – emily browning
5. the state of dreaming – marina and the diamonds
6. hope in the air – laura marling
7. torn – natalie imbruglia
8. if it doesn’t kill you – siouxsie
9. rabbit heart (raise it up) – florence and the machine
10. the king is dead – kent
11. the devil within – digital daggers
12. sansa’s hymn – karliene


Upon casual viewing, the Star Wars prequels tell a rather depressing and upsetting story.  But if you watch more carefully, with a keen eye for the context and implications of all the little things that happen, they tell an EXTRAORDINARILY depressing and upsetting story.

Which is just the way I like my stories.