Today I’m going through old photos

Here’s some I particularly like. (Most of these probably weren’t taken by me, though honestly no-one is sure anymore.)

Me getting a copy of Watchmen for my birthday in 2006. I still have it, and a couple of years after this photo was taken I got it signed by Alan Moore. I now have much more mixed feelings about Watchmen and (especially) Moore though. Ya grow.

A sky that looks like it was painted.

A sea lion at Whipsnade Zoo.

Some really colourful flamingos!

Me in my childhood bedroom, dressed up for prom. (Prom is much less of a big deal in Britain. Or it was.) That’s a Darth Maul photo signed by Ray Park in the background. Might be worth a bit less now if recent rumors are anything to go by.

Ashridge Forest and what I only just learned today is called the Bridgewater Monument.

A beautiful contrail.


Me on the Cleethorpes beachside minigolf course in 2006. It’s gone now, and I’m not surprised, because they built it on a slope

A pair of lurking lions.

This was from I’m guessing about 15 years ago. I don’t know who took it, probably my dad. It’s Willen Lake at Milton Keynes, but to me it looks like something from Lord of the Rings.





Hold up – you mean there are people who watch Fight Club and don’t realise that Tyler Durden is meant to be full of shit?

I mean, his doctrine of radical individualism is a sham that ultimately reduces his followers to faceless conformity. This isn’t deep metatextual wankery – it’s the literal text of the film.

How do you see the film and not get that?

My ex didn’t get this. He loves Tyler durden. I’ve never seen fight club so I DIDN’T KNOW.

Yeah, in the film he’s a total con-man. His grand speeches sound good if you don’t think about them too deeply, but they’re not meant to be insightful – they’re meant to be a snake-oil salesman’s patter, calculated to bamboozle dumb, angry young men into doing his bidding.

Trouble is, they’re sufficiently well-written that apparently they work on the dumb, angry young men in the audience, too.

I’ve actually written about this academically! There’s a really specific genre I call bro cinema that includes fight club, all of kubricks work, some Scorsese, and Tarantino (all of which I love TBH.) These directors don’t explicitly condemn toxic masculinity and instead trust the audience to have COMMON SENSE and realize that Alex from A Clockwork Orange or Tyler Durden or Travis Bickle are horrific misogynists. But without the film telling the audience how to feel about these characters, men misinterpret the objectivity as glorification. Fight Club is about how shitty masculinity is, but it’s been warped by men grasping for justification for their misogyny

This reminds me of how (allegedly; I can’t find the source) Alan Moore was horrified when he realized lots of Watchmen fans idolised Rorschach, because the character was supposed to be an unsympathetic, misogynistic, right-wing extremist. And yet Moore’d get people coming up to him at conventions and saying how much they related to him…

(The Watchmen movie is on and…)


The biggest mistake that movie made was making everything awesome and cool. There’s nothing cool about anything in Watchmen, not in the slightest. Rorschach isn’t some awesome badass, he’s Donald Trump in a mask. Etc, etc, etc.

THE OTHER THING: Laurie. In the book she feels like a real person, which seems to me like an accident more than anything because I look at Alan Moore’s notes for the book and he didn’t seem that bothered about her, no-one has EVER really seemed bothered about her… but I love Laurie. She’s a fucked-up chain-smoking hateful angry BITCH, for lack of a better word, and I wish the movie had cared about her more, I wish Laurie’s Anger got more screentime


I feel iffy drawing Rorschach, I’m not happy that he’s become a sort of semi-heroic figure for disaffected young men, and I don’t like how his complexity has become reduced and sublimated into the “LOL isn’t everything awzum” mindset. The Watchmen characters exist to undermine or at least satirise this kind of thinking. But… he is undeniably fun to draw, thanks to Dave Gibbons. And maybe I’m being too precious about the whole thing, I don’t know.

Either way – here’s Rorschach.

The women of Watchmen rambles

I love Watchmen. Love it to pieces. My boyfriend bought me Ultimate Watchmen(basically the novel but with some extra material at the end) and I turned to the character profiles. Each described the character and noted underneath what their ‘way of viewing the world’ was. I turned to Laurie’s profile, and she didn’t have one. She had no way of viewing the world, while all the men did. I couldn’t help but be a little annoyed, but then I forgot about it.

Then I remembered it again.


kindle a light

Title: kindle a light
Author: sarah531
Rating: R
Fandom: Watchmen
Characters: Sally Jupiter
Summary: Months, weeks, days after the assault she thinks she might be pregnant. She knows her would-be rapist didn’t get that far, yet it’s all she can think about. The kid would look like Eddie, it would grow up to be like him, and her awful fate would be to love it anyway.