The Yorkshire Ripper is dead

And of COVID-19 too, probably. Uh… well done COVID-19? I guess?

I wasn’t around when Peter Sutcliffe comitted his crimes but I was around for another “ripper” case, the Ipswich one, and I can remember the fear and sadness in the news. Man, we have to stop giving these guys nicknames, seriously, knock it the hell off. Also, it’s taken this long for the police to apologise for the language they used to describe Sutcliffe’s victims, wow.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth. Feels appropriate.

Drug-Addicted Socialist Hedgehogs

A absolutely wonderful Twitter thread sprung up a couple days ago, just as it was coming out how many Tories had voted for children to go hungry. Observe:

Nadine Dorries is pro feeding hedgehogs but not children. The reaction is… gosh it’s exactly what you’d hope for.

(Yep, pearls.)

Well, you get the idea.

You probably shouldn’t actually put food out for hedgehogs. My family did just that once and the poor hedgehogs just fell in the nearby fish pond and drowned. Bless ’em, they’re not smart animals. Though probably smarter than Nadine Dorries.

An important video

If you want more context, try here and here. There are clearly decent people in the country, like Marcus Rashford… but the government on the other hand-

Earthquake hits towns in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire — BBC News – Home

The British Geological Survey says a 3.3 magnitude quake hits the Leighton Buzzard area.

Earthquake hits towns in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire — BBC News – Home

There was a frickin’ EARTHQUAKE in my home town this morning! (someone I know is actually quoted in that article.) No reports of any damage but my brother said everyone piled out into the street to see what the hell had happened.

As for me, a car alarm started going off at around that time in Leicester, waking me up… connected maybe… or not…

Two news stories

One. The BBC are apparently removing “Land of Hope and Glory” and “Rule Britannia” from their annual Proms show (though they’re still playing the instrumental versions.)

Two. In Glasgow a woman called Mercy Baguma was found dead in her flat next to her malnourished baby. She was an asylum seeker and not allowed to work.

Guess which one Boris Johnson is more angry about. Go on, guess.

The A-level results scandal

So if you’re not in the UK I don’t know if you’ll have heard about this, but: put simply, since no-one could sit exams this year for obvious reasons, the government created an algorithm which would assign grades based on mostly the past performance of the school. So doesn’t matter if you’re a A* student, if you go to an underprivileged school you’re screwed. There go your plans for the future.

And yet kids in private schools have been given a massive and very unfair advantage. This is not to say some of them couldn’t have achieved A* grades themselves but essentially now they have them just because they’re rich.

Oh and if you wanna appeal? You have to PAY!

People are furious which is good. Even the British newspapers have finally gotten off their arses long enough to condemn the situation. Things have to be really bad for that to happen.

(fun fact I learned the other day: the British press is considered one of the worst in the world! Well go look up the Sun or the Daily Star and you’ll see why pretty quick.)

Luckily there are some people (including my old university!) who are willing to help, so here’s a list of the ones I’ve found so far.

Oh and guess what else? Next week the GCSE exam results will be out, “graded” the same way, so all this will happen again.