Teh icon post to END ALL ICON POSTS (!!!11one)

-comment please. :)
-credit sarah531 in keywords
-don’t hotlink
-you may nominate them for anything, you don’t have to tell me. :)

…you probably know that by now. ;)

Harry Potter

1. miraclelj 2. homelj 3. burrowlj 4. hplj 5. weasleys2lj

Star Wars

6. jediknightlj 7. dressedinblacklj 8. ragelj 9. jadelj 10. macelj 11. terriblelj

Lord of the Rings

12. legolaslj 13. byhersidelj 14. gimlilegolaslj 15. manandelflj 16. eowyn2lj 17. archerlj 18. ladyoflightlj

Spiderman 2
(good grief there’s a lot of these)

19. smsacrificelj 20. suceedlj 21. flyinglj 22. harryrevengelj 23. mjpetertogetherlj 24. normanlj 25. choiceslj 26. choicesstilllj 27. ordinarylj 28. ordinary2lj 29. graveyardlj 30. monsterlj 31. donthurtlj 32. rosalielj 33. freefalllj 34. goblinmasklj 35.masklj 36. liesbeforemelj 37. runawaylj 38. octaviuslj 39. nomorelj 40. trulylj 41. mjpotplj 42. 43. orotplj 44. orotp2lj


45. squeelj 46. beginningslj 47. daimiyalj 48. justturnaroundlj 49. comfortlj 50. couragelj 51. lovelj 52. friendship2lj 53. knowledgelj 54. sinceritylj 55.reliablitylj 56. hope2lj 57. light2lj

Credits: SM2 screencaps by oxoniensis & kreugan
Brush credits: quebelly and crumblingwalls

Spider-Man 2 review

Well…not really a review as much as a series of bulletpoints. Or something.

-Who was that random girl who gave Peter chocolate cake? I liked her. What’s her name? (And doesn’t she look a lot like an older, thinner Luna Lovegood?)

-I love Harry and I have no idea why.

-Doc Ock was BRILLIANT. I loved what he did at the end *is glad that was the one spoiler she didn’t read*

-That scene in the hospital with no music creeped me out so much. Actually, screw that, it terrified me. ;)

-Loved the whole scene on the train. It nearly made me cry. *sniffle*

-I also love Peter, because he’s just such a Good Guy

-Although Mary Jane shouldn’t have run away from her wedding, that astronaut guy was cute. ;)

-Oh, and he actually seemed to really like her, too…he was running to her and hugging her at the end…Not that MJ and Peter aren’t meant to be or anything, tis just a thought. ;)

-That scene in the lift. *giggles madly*

-Please tell me I wasn’t the only one mentally iconing the entire movie. Please…?

I love superhero movies, and this was probably the best I’ve seen so far. I’m so getting it on DVD when it’s out. :D

Very random things

1) Where’ve all the Sirius fans gone? No-one seems to be particularly fond of him lately, leaving me wondering if maybe I’ve missed something…

*still wants one of those Lego Padfoots*

2) I’m going to see Spiderman 2 soon, and don’t want to be spoiled, but EVERY time I see a lj-cut saying ‘Click here for spoilers!’ I click it. Now I know more than I wanted. Arrrgh. *has no self control*