This is super wishful thinking bit wouldn’t it be great if the way they defeat Thanos in infinity war two is through the only humans(ish) who’ve successfully wielded an infinity stone i.e. Peter(he’s the ish in humanish) and JANE wouldn’t that be such a great way to bring her back 😍 ah if only I barely remember anything about the infinity stones but I’m just imagining like, loki, Jane, peter, and idk doctor strange with their hands all shoved inside the infinity gauntlet because it’s so big 😂

YES on all counts and holy shit that’s a good point about Jane! Also, Gamora must be there! I really love the theory going that, cos she technically sacrificed herself for Nebula, she’s the true welder of the Soul Stone and Thanos’s shit doesn’t even count. So gosh I hope all of this happens INCLUDING everyone cramming a hand in the gauntlet

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Hmm. That’s an interesting story. Somehow I don’t think I’ve read it before & I thought I’d read all your DW fic. :-) I want to think about it more. Having it as ff means it might also give a read on Rory and Amy, and their relationship.

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liking this to read tomorrow and reply then!

Thanks guys. :)

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i’m so worried though about what they’re gonna do if the kid actor needs to leave!! like part of me thinks “okay they wouldn’t kill a kid on this show” but i don’t know what alternative they could have

Naaaah, they’d never kill a kid, not on a comedy (right? right……? :/)

I think if the actor needs to leave they’ll probably just have Jasper run away or join Pat on the boat or something? I really hope they’ve planned it out already, but on the other hand this show never really seems to have a plan much…

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i haven’t seen it yet but i don’t really care about spoilers and i’m gonna watch it soon, but i was wondering what do u you think are its flaws?

Ah well!

(This is all re: the special edition, not the regular one)

The tone is terribly uneven. It’s like what Zack Snyder really wanted to do was make a 2-hour meditation on the nature of heroes and gods but was forced to throw in a bunch of punching and explosions to draw the fanboy crowd (I would not be surprised if that’s exactly what happened.)

I personally think it’s pretty ableist in the way it treats its one disabled character

And the only women of colour are both killed off pretty sharpish and kinda casually :/

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i know the word rook comes from the persian rokh so it seems to me like a combination of the fact that he is a “major player” that usually doesn’t come into play til the end of the game and it has like an ethnic tie to the fact that the actor is pakistani and i’m only persian but i know we share a lot of words and roots. bodhi means “awakening” in sanskrit i think so the combo kind of becomes “awakened ‘pawn’” (even tho a rook isn’t quite a pawn)

I love it