This is super wishful thinking bit wouldn’t it be great if the way they defeat Thanos in infinity war two is through the only humans(ish) who’ve successfully wielded an infinity stone i.e. Peter(he’s the ish in humanish) and JANE wouldn’t that be such a great way to bring her back 😍 ah if only I barely remember anything about the infinity stones but I’m just imagining like, loki, Jane, peter, and idk doctor strange with their hands all shoved inside the infinity gauntlet because it’s so big 😂

YES on all counts and holy shit that’s a good point about Jane! Also, Gamora must be there! I really love the theory going that, cos she technically sacrificed herself for Nebula, she’s the true welder of the Soul Stone and Thanos’s shit doesn’t even count. So gosh I hope all of this happens INCLUDING everyone cramming a hand in the gauntlet