Was just about to make a somewhat uninteresting entry, then went to check my email and found that the fanlistings.org had approved my application for the Otto/Rosie fanlisting, and hotmail sorted it right into the junk mail folder. Waa.

Anyway…the somewhat uninteresting entry.

What Pokemon Human Character are you? Click here
to see!

What DigiDestined are you?

What Spyro character are you?

<IMG SRC=”http://www.heartstars.net/person/youarebant1.gif&#8221;
what Jedi
Apprentice character are you?

Hmmm…I think my results have changed since I last did these. I always get Brock on the Pokemon test, got Sora last time I did the Digimon one but now have switched to Takeru, got Bianca last time I did the Spyro one but now have switched to Elora, and always get Bant on the JA one, even if I cheat. :)