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It’s Mother’s Day, so I would like to announce a drabble giveaway. Give me a mother or mother-figure from a fandom I know (for the purposes of this, let’s stick with Star Wars, Doctor Who, Spider-Man movieverse, Harry Potter and any movie you’ve heard me mention more than once) and I’ll write you a drabble about them. :)

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I hate having unreliable internet! Though I suppose I should consider myself lucky I have it at all.

Anyway, let’s do a meme, found on my travels through LJ…

Give me two characters from two different fandoms with which I am familiar, and I’ll invent a relationship for them. In drabble format, no less.

Fandoms I can do: Star Wars, Spider-Man (movieverse), new Doctor Who, Holes, Harry Potter
Fandoms I can just about do: X-Men (movieverse), Life on Mars, Pokemon, Digimon, the BBC’s Robin Hood, Torchwood, LOTR

And if I’ve forgotten one, remind me by giving me a character. ;)