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i can’t believe thor wearing arm guards with loki’s helmet on them in avengers AND thor having a strand of loki’s hair braided into his own hair in age of ultron are both real things that the costume department did and loki in ragnarok still has the gall to ask poor thor “did you mourn me?” like yes loki you made your jock brother so sad that he started accessorizing 


@redwoodriver @agent0hio the receipts. the hair I thought at first was jane’s but in other shots it’s 100% black and silky lookin….. like hey marvel? I just wanna talk. i just wanna talk 

Wow this is incredible. What a good brother





I was watching Vol 2 today and a bit that’s always kind of nagged me finally clicked.

When Rocket describes Ego as a little guy and holds up his fingers as about an inch, and then clarifies that he’s sure he would be much larger if he got closer…

This is actually a measured phenomenon.  During early development, human brains learn how to interpret the world around them through a variety of different physical and chemical stimuli.  Eyesight, for example, is cells in the backs of our eyes being stimulated by different wavelengths, and our brain putting that together to “see” the world based on those stimuli.  While growing, creatures learn how sizes relate to distance, they even learn how to expect to see the world around them.  Illusions that rely on corners to create the illusion don’t work the same in people who grow up in a culture that uses round houses. Learning how the size of something relates to the distance of that object is one of those things.

There is a case study taught in introduction to sensation and perception psychology classes, where a man studied a remote forest-dwelling tribe.  He took a member of that tribe out of the forest and at one point, they came across a large field with a herd of buffalo in the distance, and the researcher pointed them out as an animal that people hunt.  The man looked, and then asked why, because they were only the size of ants.  Over time, the man was able to learn how distance perception worked.

So I realized.

Rocket had to teach himself size perception as it relates to distance because he spent his formative years in cages and laboratory rooms.  He had to fucking teach himself VISUAL PERCEPTION and has to do the manual calculations in his head of how big something is based on how far away he guesses it is, and vice versa, calculating distance based on size.

We get a glimpse into that manual conversion when he’s explaining it out loud.  He might not realize how automatic it is for other people, or maybe he just trusts his family to understand, I’m not sure.  But it gets thrown back in his face, and the wall goes right back up.

This is too painful, make it stop.

Well, damn.

Man, Rocket is so well done in terms of the cognitive and biomechanical downsides of being–well, a tiny little monster who didn’t ask to be made.

Poor little bastard.

speaking of jesus being the classical snarkmaster





you know that line about “if a soldier forces you to carry his pack for one mile, carry it for two”?

there was a thing where roman soldiers could demand that civilians carry their gear, but only for a mile. obviously people did not like this. they had shit to be doing. they did not want to be some rando’s pack mule any more than people today would. also, it was kind of scary, because here’s this guy with a weapon saying “you’re my fetchit bitch or else.” and you had to go off with him wherever he wanted, up to one mile.

but jesus was all about the nonviolent resistance. i mean, sure, you could run, but then maybe they see you later and point you out to the cops, it’s a small world. maybe they chase you down and kick you around a bit. hell, maybe they show you their stabs. you gonna bring a sword of your own and make a duel out of it? that’s even worse than just carrying the damn pack.

so what you do is, you just keep carrying it.

at first they don’t notice the mile’s up. but then it starts feeling kind of long. they find themselves waiting for you to call time. but you don’t. you just keep going. they start checking the landmarks. are they lost? are they dreaming? are you stealing their shit? you can’t be, can you, since you’re right there. but you’re still HOLDING it. they’re wondering if they’re ever gonna get their centurion undies back. they could ask, but waitasec, you’re carrying their stuff, which is what they said to do, so that’s good, right?

but why are you still HERE?

are you trying to be friends? are you an assassin? are you a vet just helping a brother out? are you up to something? are you crazy? are you sleepwalking? are THEY sleepwalking? WHAT IS EVEN GOING ONNN NN N

at mile marker 2 you set the pack down and go “have a nice day!” and bail

and next time they think of handing their shit to some stranger, maybe they think again.

Yeh but you see it goes further than that.  Roman law stated that any soldier could tell them to carry their pack for a mile, and that poor random person HAD do to it.  But here’s the thing

They could only carry it for a mile, and if they carried it further (the assumption being that the soldier kept forcing the person to keep carrying it) the soldier could get in HUUUUUGE trouble.

So this soldier and some civilian (I believe it had to be someone who was not a Roman citizen??  I can’t quite remember) are walking along, and they hit the mile marker.  The soldier demands his pack be returned.

“No no, allow me, I’m not tired!”  Says the civilian, and keeps on walking.

The soldier keeps asking, maybe rather threatening, but the civilian just keeps kindly insisting to help, it’s not a problem, let me help you, etc. and continues walking.

It then gets to the point that the soldier has to be like “Hey, man c’mon, I could really get in trouble for this…please give it back”

What has just happened was a serious change in power dynamics.  It went from the soldier being in control of the situation and treating the civilian as lesser, to the civilian being in control, and the soldier treating the civilian as an equal.

What Jesus was teaching was not to lay down and submit to authority, but how to passively command respect, to be treated as an equal.


It’s amazing how so many Christians have no clue just how radical Jesus was and how much they wouldn’t actually like him if he was around today.



Lin-Manuel Miranda said in an interview that he wrote the song “You’re Welcome” for Maui once he knew the character would be voiced by Dwayne the rock Johnson because he thought that Dwayne the rock Johnson would be the one person on earth who could sing something so egotistical and have us completely convinced we should be thanking him and honestly he’s not wrong.

This just further proves my theory that he added in the “Maui can do everything but float” line knowing that people will be making the pun about “the reason floating is the only thing Maui can’t do is because he’s The Rock”.


So we’ve got a small but powerful token,


originally belonging to a powerful being, but taken by a flawed hero who didn’t know what he was getting in for,


and who is defeated, losing the item into the water.


This token comes into the keeping of an eccentric mortal for many years, giving them long life and vitality,


until they pass it on to a younger relative, and their health immediately begins to deteriorate.


The adorable, dark-haired, doe-eyed new bearer,


carrying the token on a necklace,


sets out to find someone else to take it,


but ultimately must take ownership of the quest themselves.


Along the way, they encounter endless dangers and obstacles,


finally facing their greatest challenge yet at a volcano,


and return the token to its source.


Featuring super idyllic, completely culturally stagnated hometowns,


raptors of unusual size,


Dramatic Tower Is Dramatic,


and tiny boats sailing into the sunset.


tl;dr – Moana is Lord of the Rings without the actual evil.