carrie fisher

Some anniversaries

Today’s the 63rd anniversary of Carrie Fisher’s birth:

Everyone misses her so much.

Today’s the twentieth anniversary of the Pokemon website I used to go on there when I was a young teenager.

I don’t imagine the site looks like it used to but I’m so pleased it’s still around.

And unrelated (or maybe not) to either of those things:

If you believe in the good book Good Omens, the Earth is 6023 years old today.



“I was on a strict diet during Episode VIII, and she was like, ‘Kid, get into that fridge and take some chocolate bars. I have many there.’ And I did,” he recalls. “I failed my diet because Carrie Fisher told me to. And it [felt] great.”

-John Boyega on Carrie Fisher

This is the Carrie Fisher post of body positivity reblog for a chocolate bar from her fridge


Letita Wright confirmed the first Hair Style we see Shuri with is based off Princess Leia. Carrie’s impact continues inspire all our favorite young Heroines….I am not crying you are



I also have to be grateful for all she gave us while she was here.

—  Mark Hamill about Carrie Fisher at D23 expo 2017, after both of them received the title of ‘Disney legends’

I’ve been so touched by how Mark Hamill is not only consistently a champion of remembering Carrie Fisher with respect that loves and doesn’t wash over or smooth out the rough edges of her life, which she made such a triumph out of, but is also so consistent in being open and unashamed of all the conflicting feelings of grief? Like I know none of us can ever really know celebrities etc etc but it’s sort of wild to see a man of this age, raised in the era he was raised in, speak so fluently and calmly about love and rage and just act very peacefully like that’s all a normal part of grief. 

It can’t be easy to be asked again and again and again what it’s like to have someone that you know pass away, especially at this age, and with the weight of world attention and celebrity on it. And I’m really impressed that he seems to use these moments to model beautiful, healthy openness about loss and how we process it. 



I met Carrie Fisher exactly once at a convention, and when I met her she immediately bought a poster from our booth with the words “Hey Assbutt” on them with the intention of sending it to Harrison Ford for his birthday.

I’d like to think of that as the epitome of how I’d like to have met her and honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.

Apparently Fisher regularly went to cons and would spend hours in Artists’ Alley buying bags worth of art, to the point where you could track her path around the con by watching artists freak out on Twitter over the fact that Princess Leia just bought their stuff.

Carrie Fisher was a goddamn treasure.