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doctor who graphic: Farewell, Sarah Jane

After the sad little minisode I really wanted to do something to… I guess not necessarily celebrate it, but acknowledge it, or something. So here are some of the remnants of Sarah Jane’s long life, with the Doctor standing over them.

The middle picture is actually Lis Sladen out of character. It just seemed appropriate.

Farewell, Sarah Jane

It’s here, and I’m so very sad. But since this is canon… Mickey and Martha canonically have a son now, and Luke is married to Sanjay, and Tegan and Nyssa are a couple (wow!) and just, it was lovely to see all these characters again. It really was.

But oh, I still miss her.

From Russell T Davis’s Twitter

I’m really glad this is what they chose to do and that they got permission from her family.

I didn’t realise this – I assume they must have picked the date for the season 4 finale rewatch for this exact reason – 19 April is the ninth anniversary of Lis’s death.

Sarah Jane Smith recasting revealed — Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

For the special Lost Story, Return of the Cybermen, Sadie Miller will be playing the part of Sarah Jane Smith, the role created by her mother, Elisabeth Sladen. The news was revealed in an interview with Miller in the new Doctor Who Magazine, #550, which arrived with subscribers today and will be on general release […]

Sarah Jane Smith recasting revealed — Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

Oh, that’s lovely. :)







So I asked Katy about this scene at Timegate and apparently there was a lot of laughter (and comments that she couldn’t repeat in a room with children) that RTD actually had to cut out. 

Because that coffin was high up, and Katy and LIs were not as young as they once were, and Lis had to quickly jump in closely followed by Katy with that coffin lid banging down quickly after it. So when they opened it back up, Katy was on top of Lis in, and I quote, “the most inappropriate way possible,” and someone had to reach in and rearrange them before they could continue shooting.


Elisabeth Sladen died four years ago today. Which sucks, because she was such a great person and she had so much ahead of her.

Here’s a photo of when I met her in 2006. I told her my name was Sarah and she said “Sarah, like my Sarah?” She and the character she played were almost inseparable and I really wish both were still with us.


Lis Sladen (1946- 2011)

Elisabeth Sladen was an English actress, most famous for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, often described as the most popular companion ever, her character was the first proper feminist companion on the show and also the longest serving (1973-76) she returned for the 20th anniversary special (1983) and for an episode with David Tennant in 2005, before she was given her own spin-off show on CBBC (The Sarah Jane Adventures, 2007-2011)

Lis Sladen passed away exactly 4 years ago today (19th April) at the age of 65 and I just wanted to take a moment to say how much she meant to people, not just to me but to every child who watched her alongside the Doctor or in Bannerman road and she is so, so missed. Thank you for lighting up my TV screen Lis :)

Except, of course, she was everything I could hope she would be. Charming, diffident, conscientious, giggly, determined, straightforward, a little crazy and enormously warm.” – David Tennant  

Tom campaigning for no new companion, ‘because no one could replace Sarah’,” – Elisabeth Sladen (The Autobiography)

“There she was on  the TV screen, smiling and laughing and looking beautiful. How could she be gone?” – Brian + Sadie Miller

“Her doctor said, ‘We can’t cure it, but we’re going to throw everything we can at you to fight it as long as possible’ That fight lasted no more than two months. Lis died at the Meadow House Hospice in the early hours of Tuesday, 19 April 2011. She was 65 years old.” – Brian + Sadie Miller