good good good

Things I can’t imagine



-Clara telling anyone, even as a joke, to ‘let the others die first’

-Amy looking after two teenagers (at least not without leading them straight into mischief and probably danger)

-River calling the TARDIS a ‘cow’ and mocking it

-Amy telling the Doctor ‘you embarrass me’

-River describing herself as having ‘a bubbly personality’

-Clara hitting the Doctor with a baseball bat and then trapping his necktie in a door

-River looking at a little girl crying and saying ‘So?’

-Amy announcing she did something ‘disgracefully’

-River asking Queen Neferiti for a high-five

-Clara being a kissogram

-Amy, having being told by the Doctor to remain where she is and not to argue, responding with a scared ‘I’m not’ and proceeding to obey him

-Clara continuing to kiss, and trying to undress, the Doctor or indeed any person after they’ve said no

River barely being able to connect a computer to the Internet

Amy saying ‘the best thing is, he really needs you’ in reference to the Doctor.

River saying ‘blimey, I hated history.’

Clara teasing the Doctor about the mysterious woman who might be his wife in the future.

Clara picking locks and saying ‘how’s a girl suppose to resist?’

Clara punching the Doctor out and handcuffing him to a computer monitor.

River being mildly embarrassed to be seen in a kissogram outfit by the Doctor or even the flight crew of a cruise ship.

Amy telling the Doctor anything even remotely like what River told him in aGMGtW.

River saying ‘good guys don’t have zombie creatures. Rule one, basic storytelling.’

Clara using stupid as a form of endearment.

Amy refusing to travel with the Doctor straight off.

River trying to bake her mum’s souffle.

Amy trying to bake her mum’s souffle.

Clara lying to the Doctor about having broken her wrist.

Clara trying to ‘hide the damage’.

Amy slapping the Doctor.

River convincing the Doctor to not destroy Gallifrey (unless she had prior knowledge that he in fact didn’t).

Clara ignoring the Doctor and telling her mother to go where she would never see her again.

River giggling the same way Clara does when she’s excited.

Clara telling the Doctor to leave her to the mercy of a monster.