Final Space 3×13

Oh, it ended on a cliffhanger before we even know if the show is getting renewed! Arrrrgh.

Ash’s journey from cute little kid to unhinged murderous adult has been an interesting ride but I still feel there ought to be more to it. “Good guy joins forces with the bad guy even though it’s very clearly the bad guy fucking everything up” has never really made all that much sense to me. The lack of Evra in the finale also baffles me, where is she? Is she that disconnected from human affairs? I don’t think Ash’s story can feel complete without her.

Thankfully, despite coming close to the edge there with Little Cato, Ash was not successful in turning anyone else to the dark side. I’m going to start calling her Ashakin Skywalker. (Actually I already have.)

Gary and Quinn were perfect in this episode as usual, oh man it never actually occurred to me they hadn’t said “I love you” yet. Also I loved that little moment at the beginning where Gary is just sitting on the bed contemplating and waiting for the action to start. It seems so rare that adult animation shows just like… slow down and stop and let an animated character “act” you know?

I’m not actually afraid for Mooncake (assuming another season does materialise) simply because he’s the character on all the merchandise, the cute little pet of the cast, and even a show as willing to break the rules as Final Space is probably isn’t going to kill off, you know, the “puppy.”

Man, please let there be more of this show. In the meantime why not go congratulate Olan Rogers on all the amazing work he’s done so far: