final space

Final Space 2×04

Well, before I was able to watch this episode I saw a lot of posts elsewhere saying things like, this episode is a goddamn masterpiece, and I watched it and it was indeed a goddamn masterpiece. It’s basically a short, gorgeous exploration of grief and the toll it takes. And it’s also home to what is hands down the most heartbreaking moment of season 2 so far, when the camera cuts away and we see that Avocato’s words aren’t his at all, he’s not there, it’s Little Cato typing into a machine what he thinks his dad might say to him.

Which is the very nature of grief, I think. You’ve always got a ghost with you, and your own thoughts about yourself are always in their mouth.

Amazing episode and that’s not even mentioning the dance sequence at the beginning. If you ever want to win me over, write a story about tragedy, family and loss and then stick a dance sequence in there.

Final Space 2×03

Hm, I’m not quite liking this series as much as the last (yet) but I’m not disliking it by any means. It’s still very entertaining. But I guess with all the new characters it doesn’t stop and breathe very much? Or that’s the feeling I get anyway. Also Mooncake has not really featured much so far which is a wee bit disappointing.

However! I believe this was the first Final Space episode to pass the Bechdel Test! And more than once! So that’s nice.

I do like Ash by far the best of the new additions. The budding romance between her and Little Cato, I’m sure it will be interesting, but I’m actually looking far more forward to see that weird mother-daughter relationship between her and Nightfall develop.

Uh….. I’m assuming the entire planet didn’t turn to ash (no pun intended) when that evil snake thing was killed? It would not surprise me but, jeez.

Final Space 2×02

Final Space is a strange beast because sometimes it opens with a man floating alone in the void of space about to die, and sometimes it opens with a literal pissing contest. This one opened with the pissing contest. So while it may not necessarily be the first episode I would show to a newcomer it was still interesting and funny enough to keep me engaged. Actually the pee contest was worth it for the Ash punchline* anyway, so that’s that. (I like Ash, she’s so freaking weird.)

Olan Rogers had a really interesting write-up of what he meant this episode to mean over here, and that made me like the dream-world scenes a lot more. Also I’m glad that Todd will be around more as he makes a good villain, although I still kinda miss the Lord Commander. I heard David Tennant was supposed to be in this episode but he wasn’t!

I note the opening titles have now become Avocato-less… Maybe we really will never see him again, which might be the best call. This show deals pretty heavily with loss after all, and you can’t just undo it.

*“Ash, you have an UTI.” “YES!”

Final Space 2×01

So I watched the new series premiere of Final Space. Shhh! I know I’m not supposed to have it yet, being in the UK and all, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Appropriately, the episode revolves around a theft, whaddaya know.

I was desperately nervous going in just in case it was no longer the show I loved, but it still is! And a lot of the people we thought might be dead are 100% not dead! Quinn is possibly dead but seeing as her future self still exists, can she actually conceivably in any way be dead? (A question also sort of vaguely tackled by Avengers: Endgame. Which is a fictional universe Final Space bears no small resemblance to!) Also, a particular person who appears to be deceased-ish I suspect will be brought back with a loophole, because he’s too good a character to let go. But I could be wrong! This show always surprises me.

(I could be referring to more than one character there couldn’t I? Interesting…)

The animation seems to have been knocked up a notch this series. Not that it wasn’t gorgeous before, but now the characters seem to move that much fluidly. And new voice cast! New characters! More female characters at that! A realistic amount of women (/female space robots) was the only major thing the last series was missing.

Psst. Maybe this’ll make up for my downloading it: GO WATCH FINAL SPACE! The first season should be on international Netflix so I BEG YOU, go look at it. Because nobody at all seems to watch it (beyond Reddit who got a shoutout in this episode, hooray) and we all know what happens to very, very good tragi-comic shows which nobody watches. I can’t take another Last Man on Earth scenario. Hurry quickly before anyone starts running numbers! Go go go!

So in Final Space episode 7, Gary begs Avocato (well, Avocato’s ghost) to give him a sign about what to do with his son. He ends up getting it a little later in the episode, when he and Little Cato go to Avacato’s old room:


(I am delighted to report I posted this on Reddit and got 0 abuse that I know of.)