Final Space 3×12

Oh the timeslot has moved has it? Well that doesn’t bode terribly well for a fourth season I suspect, sigh.

The penultimate episode and everything has gone as wrong as it possibly could have. (But, no more Tribore, thank god.) Little Cato now knows the truth and Ash has gone full-on Anakin Skywalker, come-to-the-dark-side speeches and everything. I’m not so sure about her about-turn here, she seemed to be improving since meeting Evra so it feels like there’s a scene missing here. Just something more to bridge the gap between Good Ash and Evil Ash, I guess.

Everything between Gary and Quinn was very sweet here, it’s just a shame we haven’t really spent a lot of time delving into Quinn’s innermost thoughts this season. I really thought we’d get to know more about her past and her sister but we didn’t, and with one episode to go we may never will. I did love the little detail of Gary’s prison sentence holding the key to (what was almost and I guess still might be) the way out of Final Space though, it was a nice little way of tying his and Quinn’s relationship into the bigger picture.

Sheryl doesn’t deserve to be called anyone’s grandma as she’s still done very little to earn her redemption. Also she’s seemed so surplus to requirements this season I wonder if she’ll just die in the season finale. I assume somebody has to after all.

I wonder if Little Cato’s mother/the Queen of Ventrexia really was named “Apricot.”